'Cchound.com' is a collection of CC-licensed sound sources that can be downloaded for free and can be used as BGM for video and audio content.

With the advent of free, high-quality stock photo services, the quality of Internet content has dramatically improved, but cchound.com has emerged because there are still few similar sound source services.

It is a website that collects creative commons license (CC license) sound sources that can be used, redistributed, modified, etc. that are published on various web services in one place, and creates video and audio content. It has become a very useful tool.

cchound.com | free music for content creators

When you access the above URL, the following page will open.

The top page is lined with CC-licensed sound sources that can be freely used, shared, and modified.

Each sound source has a sound source title on the left end, and a play button next to it. There is no fast forward or rewind, but you can jump to any location from the slide bar next to the play button.

Next to the slide bar, the author, category, sound source source, and CC license type are lined up ...

Download button on the far right. I will click it.

Then, the MP3 file page opens, so right-click and press 'Save Audio As' to complete the download.

There is a button called 'Next' at the bottom of the top page, and it is possible to display the sound sources one after another from here ...

You can also display the sound sources by 'Genre', 'By Mood', 'By Type', and 'By Instrument' from the upper left of the page. For genres, specify 34 types of genres such as 'movie music', '

ambient ', 'cinematic', 'classic', 'dance', 'disco', ' downtempo ', 'drum & bass', ' dubstep ', 'jazz', and 'lounge'. Can. When I choose a dance ...

Only the sound sources registered as 'dance' in the category are lined up in a row.

There are 17 types of moods such as 'action', 'relaxing', 'eerie', 'dark', and 'dramatic', and it seems to be useful when you are making a video work and looking for a BGM that suits the scene.

There are 13 types such as 'acoustic', 'environmental sound', 'background music', 'bass', 'beat', 'big band', and 'retro'.

The instruments were divided into 'contrabass,' 'guitar,' 'saxophone,' and 'synthesizer.'

Please note that the type of license may differ depending on the sound source, such as CC BY 4.0 or CC BY-SA 4.0. It can be used for commercial purposes, shared, and modified, but it should be noted that credit is required.

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