BGM and music files that can be downloaded and used free of charge Conclusion

I tried collecting free music files that I can legally use in Flash creation, podcasts, homebrew movies, etc.

There are many things from completely royalty-free to those of the "Creative Commons" license. There are also things that allow commercial use, so it is useful when you are having trouble with work. There is no thing that the level is low in spite of being able to use it for free.

The list is from the following.
Diesel-U-Music(Super high quality songs are added weekly from May 10, 2006, level is too high)

Dance-Industries - Copyleft MP3 music the right way!(There is an artist's song instructing various copy left)

Hits - CC Hits(There are good songs in a voting format, many songs are pretty cool, there are also vocals and quality is high)

Welcome to classical and jazz live performances are distributed under CC license)

Royalty Free Music - Free Music Resources(Rare thing, royalty-free and free samples are unusual)

Free downloads - Royalty Free Music(It is easy to use because it is divided by genre)

Copyright Free Music - Royalty Free Music, for Film & Video - Derek R. Audette(CC license is the main)

SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more.(Normally not only commercial things but also many of the CC licenses are included when you look closely.) Mixing cobblestones

NINJAM - Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music - AutoSong Archive(The songs collaborated with software called NINJAM are put under the CC license)

Open Music Archive(You can freely download old songs freely)

Linux Audio dot Org - Music(Various songs produced on Linux)

Yahoo! Search - Creative Commons Search BETA(Show dramatic power when finding the CC license songs)

Common Content: Catalog: Audio(The variety of songs is very abundant)

Wikipedia: Sound / list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(Various music files summarized in Wikipedia, most of the classic)

In addition, GoogleGoogle search optionsFrom right to use "filtering based on each license is possible, which allows you to find music files that can be used for profit and can be freely modified.

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