'RoomGPT' that changes the picture of the room to a completely different room with AI

Using ' RoomGPT ', which can change a room into a dreamy design with the help of AI, I tried to change the living room and locker room into a fashionable and modern look.

Room GPT


RoomGPT is easy to use. First, access RoomGPT and click 'Generate your dream room'.

Choose the theme and type of room you want to generate, upload a base image, and you're done.

Room themes can be selected from 'Modern', 'Minimalist', 'Professional', 'Tropical' and 'Vintage'.

The room type can be selected from 'living room', 'dining room', 'office', 'bedroom', 'bathroom', and 'gaming room'.

Here is an image of a simple-looking room generated in a modern living room. Move the bar to the right to view the original image and to the left to view the generated image.

This is the room with a little more furniture. Generated in a modern living room.

The same image produced in a professional living room will look more elegant.

The drab locker room has been transformed into a vintage bathroom just like this.

I wondered, 'What would happen if I used an image outside the room?' When I used an image with a fox in it, it turned into a fantastic castle image for some reason. This is generated in a minimalist gaming room.

This is also a minimalist gaming room. The gaming room seemed to tend towards a somewhat fantasy imagery.

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