Images generated from ``same text'' that understands the features of image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'', ``Adobe Firefly'', and ``Midjourney'' in one shot

Easy-to-use image generation AI such as 'Stable Diffusion' that can be used for free and 'Adobe Firefly' provided by Adobe are appearing one after another. Image generation AI can basically be used in the form of ``enter text (prompt) explaining the image you want to generate'', but if the type of AI or model data changes, the generation result will change completely. Technology writer Muhammad Usman summarizes the results of entering the same prompts into major image generation AIs such as 'Adobe Firefly', 'DALL E2', 'OpenJourney', 'Stable Diffusion' and 'Midjourney'.

Comparing Adobe Firefly, DALL・E2, OpenJourney, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney

Outlines of 'Adobe Firefly', 'DALL E2', 'OpenJourney', 'Stable Diffusion' and 'Midjourney' are as follows.

Adobe Firefly: Image generation AI developed by Adobe. Images in Adobe Stock and public domain images are used for learning, and it is possible to generate copyrightally clear images.
DALL E2: Image generation AI developed by Open AI. The first few sheets can be generated for free, and if the specified number is exceeded, paid credits are required.
OpenJourney: An image generation AI that adjusts Stable Diffusion to produce results close to Midjourney.
Stable Diffusion: Image generation AI developed by Stability AI. Model data and development code have been open sourced, and many derived models and tools have been developed by the community. The Stable Diffusion images compiled by Usman were generated by Hacker News user kouteiheika , and the model data uses ' Ultimate Diffusion '.
Midjourney: An image generation AI that offers a service on Discord. The ability to easily generate high-quality images has become a hot topic .

◆ Prompt 1
The first prompt used for comparison verification is below. Roughly translated, it says something like, 'High resolution photo of a living room interior with a wooden floor and a small window overlooking the garden. Use beige, blue and salmon pink.'

High resolution photography interior design, dreamy sunken living room conversation pit, wooden floor, small windows opening onto the garden, bauhaus furniture and decoration, high ceiling, beige blue salmon pastel palette, interior design magazine, cozy atmosphere; 8k, intricate detail, photorealistic , realistic light, wide angle, kinkfolk photography, A+D architecture

The result generated by Adobe Firefly is as follows. It is a calm color, and there is no sense of incongruity.

The image generated by DALL E2 looks a little strange when viewed from a distance, but the outline of the furniture is vague when viewed at an enlarged scale.

OpenJourney generated a painting-like image.

The result of generating Stable Diffusion (model: Ultimate Diffusion) looks something like this. The light and shadows are beautifully expressed, but if you look closely, you can see shadows that are physically impossible.

The generated image of Midjourney has a lot of round furniture as a whole.

◆ Prompt 2
The second prompt is below. Roughly translated, it feels like 'a valley with a tree house that appears in a fairy tale. A matte pattern.'

valley, fairytale treehouse village covered, matte painting, highly detailed, dynamic lighting, cinematic, realism, realistic, photo real, sunset, detailed, high contrast, denoised, centered

Adobe Firefly generated an image that looked like the village was shot from afar. All three buildings have conical roofs.

A green village was generated in DALL E2.

It is like this with OpenJourney.

Stable Diffusion (model: Ultimate Diffusion) generated many layers of houses. All the houses are built on very unstable land.

In Midjourney a wooden path was drawn through the village. The number of houses displayed in one image is larger than other AIs.

◆ Prompt 3
The third prompt is below. It literally translates to 'haunted mansions, spooky shadows, secrets lurking everywhere'.

a haunted house with ghostly apparitions, eerie shadows, and mysterious secrets lurking in every corner

Adobe Firefly generated an image of a 'mansion wrapped in fog'. The third picture shows a Jack-O-Lantern, which is often seen on Halloween.

DALL E2 generated an illustration-like image.

OpenJourney generated the interior of a deserted Western-style building. It is characterized by low color saturation.

Stable Diffusion (model: Ultimate Diffusion) produced photorealistic images. The first image expresses eeriness with a tilted composition.

The image generated by Midjourney is below. The composition looks up at the Western-style building from below, and the moon is drawn above the Western-style building.

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