"Piano Flow" anyone can play classical classics on a piano in a professional way


Even those who have never played the piano can play classic music like that "net service"Piano Flow"is. A lot of classical classics were recorded and I tried to use it actually because it is possible to play with casual browser.

Piano Flow · Pieces

When you open the Piano Flow URL, playable songs are displayed. From the songs in which famous songs such as Bach and Mozart music etc. are arranged this timeDebussy"Belga Mas suite / prelude" I tried picking.

When clicking on a song, a lot of circles were displayed instead of notes. Just by clicking the mouse or typing in the keyboard, you can play an esoteric Belga Masque suite like that. During the performance, the circle will flow from the right to the left.

You can check the appearance of actually playing Belga Masque suite with Piano Flow like that from the following movie.

I tried Debussy's "Belgaque Suite Suite / Prelude" like that with "Piano Flow" - YouTube

Debussy's "Belgaque Suite Suite / Prelude" can be checked from the following movie.

Debussy, Suite Bergamasque. Claudio Arrau, piano - YouTube

Even if you typed the keyboard at a messy timing, it is fun, not just the original song.

I tried Debussy's "Belgaque Suite Suite / Prelude" in "Piano Flow" messed up - YouTube

By clicking on the hamburger icon in the upper left of the screen and selecting "Autoplay Mode" from the menu displayed, it plays automatically according to the original song.

Piano Flow contains 45 songs in all. If you are working and playing when you want to take a break for a while, you can relax in a beautiful melody.

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