Movie playing game music at church organ during worship

A movie full of challenging spirit of playing game music such as Mario and Tetris during worship using the organ in the church. It seems that there is somehow a solemn atmosphere in the melody that hears whether the place called church is also related.

Details are as below.
Tetris' theme at the church (Kolobeiniki) Played. I am applauded when I finish playing.
YouTube - Tetris Theme on Church Organ during Service

This is Mario played. The performance itself seems not to be very good.
YouTube - Super Mario Bros Theme on Church Organ

This is not a time of worship, but some people are playing the Super Mario Bros., Tetris, the Medley of the Legend of Zelda at the pipe organ of Memorial Chapel at Wesleyan University.
YouTube - A Ninja plays Super Mario, Tetris, Zelda on Pipe Organ Mario Tetris The Legend of Zelda

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