Live orchestra live performance to BGM 'Super Mario Brothers' to play luxurious movies

There are overly luxurious movies on YouTube that play the game while asking the orchestra to play BGM of " Super Mario Brothers ". The movie is created by The 8-Bit Big Band playing game music in orchestra and uploading it on YouTube, and the game's BGM is created by orchestra's hands by swing, fusion, classical, mambo, Strauss waltz, rock, Metal, Stravinsky, etc. It has become a content that can catch a glimpse of the world of the new "Super Mario Bros." that I have never experienced before.

Let's Play - Super Mario Bros. LIVE w / FULL ORCHESTRA! (Ep.1) - YouTube

The first thing that appeared was not a member of The 8-Bit Big Band, but a guest George Salazer who had the game played when playing the orchestra. I will blow your fist on the cassette.

Then, the conductor is in charge of the baton battle "wind tact" that manipulates the wind appearing in "The Legend of the Zelda Wind Tact ".

Electronic percussion and ...



Various musical instruments gathered in the orchestra such as trombone get ready for performance.

I set up a cassette in the Nintendo Entertainment System which is the overseas version of Nintendo ... ...

Popple power!

In addition, press the start button of the controller.

Then the game began at once, and the orchestra's performance started at the same time.

Of course, the first thing Mario adventures is "1-1".

A huge monitor is set up in the studio played by the orchestra, so that you can play while checking the game screen.

In 1-1 the orchestra plays is the one that arranges the ground BGM flowing in the game in an orchestral style. There is a sound effect that Mario in the game jumps or blocks are added, so in the movie it is as if the game's BGM was just replaced by the orchestra's performance.

In the performance by the magnificent orchestra, somewhere surreal is Mario stepping on Kuribo and getting coins.

Still I can not help thinking "I feel comfortable playing in this performance ...".

The orchestra has harp and ...

Chorus too. Various musical instruments are played only for Mr. Salazar who plays the game.

And clear 1-1 successfully. Of course, the orchestra arranges and plays BGM flowing at stage clearing .

Next "1 - 2" starts, but it seems that the drum is timing the beginning of the sound.

In 1-2, the underground BGM flows, so the orchestra arranges it and plays it. Fagot player wearing Mario's hat finishes underground BGM with moderate bass.

1-2 found a star on the way.

BGM at the time of winning the star is played at the tempo of the ladle as if the orchestra had won the star.

As soon as the star state is over it will switch to underground background music. It shows how the orchestra practiced the performance of Super Mario Bros. in this neighborhood.

Even such an orchestra's performance vanished Mario fell down. Of course the orchestra plays gigantically with BGM when it falls .

However, the moment the performance ended, Mr. Sarrazar got a big bashing from the orchestra.

People who throw music score saying "Can you do?"

The conductor holds such a rough orchestra, and the game & performance starts again.

Arrived at the warp zone somehow ......

Succeeded at a stretch to go to "2-1".

The arrangements of the ground BGM were different for each stage, and in 2-1 the flute was more prominent popular than the wind instruments.

Such a 2-1 clear also. Since this arrangement of clear BGM also differs from stage to stage, it seems to be good to listen carefully and listen carefully.

In the following "2-2", underwater BGM was reborn with a powerful performance.

When Mario breaks the pinch on the way, the smile of relief (?) Leaks from the conductor or chorus without thinking.

Arranged violin fully supports Saravie's gameplay.

Such a 2-2 also cleared successfully like this.

In "2-3" ...

In line with the flying sky, Mario runs through the stage almost nonstop on the stage. The orchestra's performance is also one of the most elaborate arrangements you've ever made, and it has become a thing with a feeling of running with high tempo. If you played the game in this performance, you may not be able to stop Mario certainly.

Leaving the feeling of running with the performance, it clears in no time.

And it finally arrived "2-4".

Castle BGM will be playing, which will be different from past performances and will produce a hard and eerie atmosphere. Stage-like 2-4 and the early stage is still a good place, but it is a funny level whenever the lasbos appear in the performance.

Finally, I encountered Kupa at the deepest part.

Mario suffers a damage and falls into a pinch of desperate ... ...

Successfully managed to defeat Koppa.

The drums are delighted with this.

A great cheer rises from the whole orchestra as the performance ends ......

Everyone shares joy and the movie ends.

The orchestra plays only underground, underground, underwater, castle BGM and only BGM at the time of clearing and starring, so only about six songs are played, but as you can listen to performances in movies you can enjoy songs with various arrangements, so monotony There is not one, leaving a steady attitude to the tremendousness of arranging according to the stage and play, being bothered that "some sort of orchestra will play for myself ..."? I will.

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