What are 'six points' for boys to read more books?

By John Morgan

Generally speaking, it is said that boys tend not to read books much more than girls. However reading is one of the important habits to remember words and to acquire social skills. Boys who do not read much books are also summarizing six points to make them read books.

Six things can you do to get boys reading more

One of the stereotypes often talked about children's reading is "men are nonfiction works, girls prefer fiction works". Margaret Kristin Merga , a teacher of pedagogy at the University of Curtin , points out that "the thought should be avoided" although parents tend to choose the type of books when they listen to the book according to that trend . According to actual (PDF) research results , boys tend to like fiction works as well as girls, so parents may choose to lose their children's reading desires if they choose a book that is not contrary to their preferences.

Also, research results that fictional work has higher contribution to literacy (literacy) than nonfiction works are also disclosed. In addition, it is also known that children who read a lot of fiction works show relatively high sociality, so it should be avoided to decide as "to give a non-fiction work as a boy because it is a boy."

By Carissa Rogers

In order for children to read more books, it is important to have a strategy for adults to prepare their environment. So Mr. Merga has summarized the six steps for children to read books as follows.

◆ 1: As the interests of adults vary widely among people of the same generation and those of the same sex, children also have different concerns. And the point of interest will change with the passage of time. It is important to give something that you want to read all the time by talking about reading with children from time to time in order to match the content that children really want to read.

◆ 2: It is important for schools to prepare an environment that makes it easier for children to use the library. Girls are more likely to visit the library during holidays, and the opportunities to use the library will be reduced due to curriculum and other factors as the grade increases. Since access to the library is effective to increase the amount of reading, opportunities should be increased.

◆ 3: Also to boys, read stories as much as possible and read books together. As it grows, boys also think that reading is fun.

By Bastian

◆ 4: Eliminate various surrounding temptations and prepare an environment to quietly read the book.

◆ 5: Giving a paper book. Compared to girls, boys tend to pick books of paper rather than e-books when reading.

◆ 6: You should tell me that reading is fun. It would be effective if you show your children that they are enjoying reading as a role model.

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