"MyNoise.net" that can concentrate and relax from the sound of rain to the sound inside the airplane with your favorite noise sound

If you are at home slowly on a rainy day, the sound of rain may feel comfortable. From the noise that exists in such a life to the sound emitted by the machine, it is possible to listen to and hesitate all kinds of noise "MyNoise.net"is.

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First of all, click "Usage" from the top page ......

It explains in what scene a noise sound is created. "Noise Masking (can concentrate by canceling ambient noise with noise)" "Baby Sleep" (baby lullaby) "At the Office (Open Office office noise masking)" Relaxation (relaxing with comfortable pulse) " It seems that it is made for use for relaxation, concentration, sleeping purpose etc.

Click "Noises" to listen to preset noises

Then, the categorized noise is displayed for each type of sound, so try trying "Rain Noise" in Natural Noises.

You can hear the sound of raining that seems to fall. You can change the sound when you raise or lower the middle bar when it is heavy rain or when it is light rainy, and clicking "Animate" makes the sound change randomly, so it feels like raining really.

Next time I heard "Aircraft Cabin Noise", it sounded like a cabin after the passengers had gone to sleep.

"African Trance" is a feeling that percussion instruments are the main music rather than noise. If you like the noise you can also save it as MP3 from "Download your MP3 Audio File" at the bottom right of the screen.

"Grey Noise" of the sound like "Sir ......" in the state where music is not ringing from the speaker, but when looking at all the bars upwards, all the noises are mixed together at a loud volume to be chaotic .

For working BGM and relaxing, just listening to various preset noises seems to be useful, but click "Calibration" to create original noise.

You can create your own favorite noise by adjusting each noise.

When creation is completed click "Save Your Personal Curve"

After that, it is said that you can play by clicking "Personal Curve", but if you jump to the specified link, you can not find My Page or "Personal Curve". Although the recommended browser is Google Chrome, it seems that it can not be used for some reason at the time of article writing because the result is the same even if you try it by changing the browser.

Although noise is imagined when it is called noise, this web site is prepared for comfortable noise to relax and sleep, so once you try it, you may find your favorite noise.

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