Five Ways to Increase Intelligence

BySaad Faruque

"Do not set goals that are achievable," Albert Einstein said that "the goal is to raise the abilities that you can not achieve even if you make efforts," but this word is essentially "How to increase intelligenceI am talking about it. What is a methodology to enhance intelligence?

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Andrea Kuszewski, a researcher, a scientist and a therapist, was taught from a supervising professor at a university that "Intelligence is genetically born and can not be improved by training etc." Among researchers on intelligence, it is that the view that "intelligence can not be enhanced", "even if intelligence improves, it is temporary" was mainstream. However, she considers this view to be incorrect from experience as a therapist.

Kuszewski worked as a therapist to train young children with autism before becoming a researcher. She said that she trained autistic children who did not work well for cognitive functions in an effort to bring cognitive function as close as possible to levels equivalent to healthy children of the same age.

The first child involved was a young man with a developmental disorder with a slight autistic disorder and IQ was judged to be 80 as a result of intelligence tests. This number is at the marginal level whether it is judged mentally retarded or not. For three years, IQ became 100 by deepening communication little by little, tackling reading and writing, calculating, playing and social activities. This figure is a general average value of healthy subjects, and it was a wonderful result that autistic boys improved by 20 points.

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Apart from this boy, Kuszewski, if he encounters many children who succeeded in remarkable improvement, and children with handicapping to learn make such amazing results, it is a healthy person and a person with ordinary cognitive ability I also think that I can not improve intelligence.

After that, she tackled the research of improving intelligence, she finds five methodologies to enhance intelligence. "Intelligence" has "crystalline intelligence" as a collection of specific types of knowledge and "liquidity intelligence" that solves new problems and recognizes unknown patterns. The intelligence that Kuszewski thinks can be enhanced refers to the latter 's liquidity intelligence, which I believe that many intelligent researchers can not train with genetic elements.

◆ 1: Search for novelty
It is no coincidence that Einstein and many other geniuses excel in various fields. Genius always finds new fields and learns. That is the personality of a genius. "Big Five"There are only one thing related to IQ among" five elements related to human personality ", which is" openness "seeking new experience.

Open people are constantly looking for new information. The new activity creates a new synaptic connection, which increases the neural action of the brain. According to recent research, it is known that the causes of individual differences in intelligence are in the plasticity of nerves (here, plasticity refers to the number of connections between neurons). How long a connection of a neuron lasts depends on how much new information can be acquired, basically, if you can continue to acquire new information, you can say that you can keep changing the brain It means. According to Kuszewski, constantly being exposed to new information, it seems that you can keep your brain in the best condition for learning.

ByMushon Zer-Aviv

◆ 2: Doing various challenges
There are lots of "brain train" and "Sudoku" games that are touched that train the brain. However, according to Kuszewski, these games are not very effective in improving intelligence. To be precise, it will not work alone. Successful rejuvenation of brain training games and Sudoku merely become familiar with that game, and the effect of improving intelligence ends short-lived. It is related to exploration of novelty, but once you master a game you need to move on to the next challenging activity.

ByVíctor Nuno

◆ 3: Thinking about "creative"
Even though you say "think creatively" there is no need to paint or artworks with artistic interest. In general, it is said that creative thinking is done in the right brain, but Kuszewski says "creative" means that the connection between the right brain and the left brain is well done, that the brain's cooperative process is good is "creative" I understand. In order to keep the brain in good condition, it is important to go back and forth between different thinking "a way of thinking in accordance with conventional practices" and "thinking method not to think at all" is.

◆ 4: I dare to do difficult things
The world gets more and more convenient and everything is becoming more efficient. But this does not give any benefit to the brain.

When GPS was invented, Kuszewski, who has no sense of direction, is now glad to use it, but he seems to realize that his sense of direction has further declined. Without using GPS, he said that he was able to recover the spatial recognition ability by further utilizing memory and logical thinking while losing his way.

For example, if you use a car to go anywhere and go on a Segway even at a short distance, your muscles will weaken, your weight will increase and you will hurt your health. If the brain is exactly the same, does not try to solve the problem, relies on the machine for spatial recognition, abandons the logical idea and ceases to trace memory, the brain will not be healthy, eventually the intelligence will decline I will. Intentionally addressing difficult problems and burdening the brain increases intelligence.


◆ 5: Building a network
The last element to enhance intelligence is the network. Mr. Kuszewski can face face-to-face exchanges or exchange on SNS such as Facebook or Twitter, so exposing yourself to a place of interaction with people will make it easier for you to practice all the four elements that have been mentioned up to now You can say that you can do.

"Where are good ideas born?"Stephen Johnson says it is important to discuss in groups and networks to advance thinking forward. By throwing yourself in the circle of people, you can experience problems from a new point of view and insight from the point of view you have never thought of before. Learning is exposing ourselves to new things, acquiring new information in a new way, networks with others are a perfect way to achieve them.

ByMichael Heiss

The training which Kuszewski went to remarkably improve the intelligence of autistic children in the therapist years was said that it was a program that adopted all these five elements. In addition, it is said that age is not related to improving intelligence by these five elements, even at the age, it is effective for training.

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