What should you know about human intelligence?

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Human "intelligence" ranges from things related to intellectual activities such as language ability and learning ability to "social intelligence" representing social characteristics. Douglas Detterman, emeritus professor at Case Western Reserve University, answers a variety of questions about human intelligence who seems to know such a thing and is surprised many people do not know unexpectedly.

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Douglas Detterman published an academic journal in 1977Intelligence, In 2000International Society for Intelligence Research(ISIR), a person who has focused on research on human intelligence and publication of research results.

Douglas Detterman, a man with the following photographs, who has studied human intelligence for about 40 years.

◆ Things to know about intelligence
Mr. Douglas studied so far and asked "What is the most important thing to know about?" About human intelligence, "The research on intelligence is very advanced. In order to deepen the understanding of intelligence in the future, it is important to know about three fields such as "genetics" "neuroscience" "cognitive action." These have made considerable progress from decades ago In each field that has achieved, as each field has become present and intersected by its progress, it is important to note these fields. "

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Furthermore, "Since intelligence is the most important and adaptive ability of human beings, it has a deep relationship with everything human beings can think from" health "to" social problem ", Comment on the importance of deepening your understanding of intelligence.

◆ What is the area where intelligence plays the most important role?
For the question "What sort of intelligence plays the most important role and what is the reason for it?" Since intelligence is important in every field, it is very emphasized that it is an area While saying that it is very important for "the entire society".

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In order for society to succeed it is necessary to uncover human talent and other understanding of various circumstances such as intellectual disabled people is necessary. In order to increase understanding of other people who are different from himself, Mr. Douglas reveals that he also worked on research on intellectual disabilities.

◆ Misunderstanding about intelligence
Mr. Douglas says that most of the rumor stories about intelligence commonly spoken are wrong. For example, sometimes it is said that "intelligence testing is biased", but this seems to be a totally misunderstanding. There are many statistical methods to remove bias from the tests for intelligence tests, and people making tests for intelligence testing are not biased by testing these statistical methods etc. I am doing it.

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About the rule of 10,000 hours
Douglas says, "This is simply an extension of the claim that anything can be accomplished if someone enthusiastically worked", says Mr. Douglas, who has 10,000 hours of practice required to become an expert. Such things ".

For example, if you want to become a musician, you need a special talent, and if you want to be an athlete, more than a certain level of ability and genetic makeup is required, "negative rule of 10,000 hours of rule" appears to be negative. If everyone is working on practice firmly, it is the talent to decide the difference between the individual qualities, which is related not only to sports and music but also to study and so on

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◆ Why is generally known "intelligence" far from the actual place?
Mr. Douglas explains the reason why knowledge on 'intelligence', which is widely known in general, is far from the truth about actual intelligence, Mr. Douglas said, "Special magazines that teach about human intelligence, university research courses, etc., Because it is extremely small "comment or not. In addition, it says that it was a problem that researchers who are actually studying about intelligence had resistance to teaching them to whom they were.

In order to bridge the gap between generally known "intelligence" and reality "intelligence", it is necessary to know that there are places for people to know the correct facts about intelligence, and at the university level there is an introduction to intelligence It is necessary to learn the knowledge of the level, he says the opinion.

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