14 things to learn from creative programmers

There are many creative and ingenious programmers in the world, but there seem to be plenty to learn from such programmers. It is very useful not only for programmers but also for things that apply to various things, even if you do other work. Let's see what you can learn from creative programmers.

Details are from the following.Creative Code: 14 Ways to Learn From Creative Programmers | LifeDev

1. Reach out to various fields and continue learning

Programmers always learn new languages. Likewise, it is important that you extend your hands to various fields and continue learning.

2. Start things from the foundation

Those who harden things from the foundation can find a more creative solution.

3. I doubt everything

By casting doubt on everything, we can change the assumption as a new solution.

4. Enjoy everything

If you do not do anything with fun, new ideas and solutions are hard to find.

5. Keep searching

The idea must be investigated strictly and consistently. As the idea is constantly changing, we need to keep investigating constantly.

6. Have passion

Programmers are doing their job with enthusiasm to program them generously while sleeping.

7. Master various skills

Even if you do something, the skills that you own will limit what you can do. By acquiring skills as much as possible, by expanding the range of things you can do, you will be able to create a variety of things.

8. Create an abstract concept

By multiplying 'computer' and 'phone' Skype was born, multiplied 'website' and 'word processor'Google DocsAs abound, abstract concepts fuse together, sometimes creating a different way of thinking.

9. Use the existing framework as a tool rather than as a restriction

While existing frameworks are often restricted in doing work, that framework sometimes helps to build the foundation. Rather than seeing the existing framework as a restriction, it is better to regard it as a tool for building a foundation.

10. Do not try to decide the conclusion without trying

Do not judge things without doing anything.

11. Always look for a simple and concise solution

It is more efficient to solve the problem in the easiest way than to solve the problem in a complicated way. Therefore, it is the most efficient way to find a solution that is as simple as possible.

12. Do not be shy about using existing ideas

In addition to constantly thinking about new things, it is also a good idea to create better things by using existing ideas.

13. Do not be afraid to cooperate

Programmers seek to one goal and a lot of people's efforts are directed. In other words, in order to achieve the goal, we must cooperate with others and work together.

14. From a very simple thing, produce beautiful things

The program consists of accumulation of foundations. Even with other things, good things are created by the accumulation of fundamental things in the same way.

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