I want to keep in mind in everyday life "29 ways to spend on creative"

Even though I always want to be creative in my day-to-day work and life, though I think that if you are sending the same everyday everyday with Daradara you just think the same idea will come out. In order to keep creative thinking there are a number of things to keep in mind always in your life.

Such everyday"29 Ways to Spend Creative", Sophisticated motion graphics movies are shown below.Archive for using motion graphics & production by TO-FU

The movie below is "29 ways to spend on creative" expressed in motion graphics.


1: Create a list

2: Carrying the note everywhere

3: Write free ideas

4: Keep your computer away

5: Stop hurting yourself

6: Take a rest

7: Sing a song while taking a shower

8: Drink coffee

9: Listen to new music

10: Open

11: I am with creative people

12: Get feedback

13: Collaborate

14: I will not give up

15: Efforts, efforts, efforts ......

16: Do not be afraid of making mistakes

17: I will go to a new place somewhere

18: Counting the grace that was given to me

19: I take a lot of holidays

20: take risks

21: Break the rules

22: Do not force

23: Read the dictionary

24: Make framework

25: Do not imitate others

26: If you got an idea, write it out

27: Clean up the work place

28: Enjoy

29: Finish anyway something

This movie is a motion graphic creator'sTO-FUIt is by Mr. It is said that the Japanese version is also under consideration for production.


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