Other assortment announced at docomo's new product release

"October 10, 2013"NTT DoCoMo 2013-2014 Winter Spring Model New Product / New Service Presentation","Xperia Z1 f"Or"DRAGON QUEST Smartphone","GALAXY Note 3Although there were various terminals such as "There was a variety of terminals when I was uproaring an exhibition, I gathered together at once.

◆ Disney Mobile on docomo F - 03F

Docomo Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F | Products | NTT DoCoMo

First of allDisney Mobile on docomo F - 03F'S exhibition booth

Disney Mobile on docomo F-03F is equipped with Android 4.2 for OS, quad-core processor with 2.2 GHz CPU, 2 GB memory, 32 GB of main storage, waterproof · Osaifu-Keitai · Infrared communication · One Seg · Tethering function,

Color is three colors of Pink · White · Blue

The home screen looks like this and the clock widget of Disney's character and Mickey motif is displayed

Mickey-shaped logo on the back

Approximately 13.1 million pixel camera and fingerprint authentication sensor on back

When I pull out the Mickey type smartphone, it looks like this

Earphone jack on the top and microSD card slot

MicroUSB port on the bottom

On the left side are volume control keys and power buttons

right side

If you put it on a dedicated desktop holder and you like this, you can watch Disney movies if you register for Disney Market for free

In addition, the release is scheduled for mid-12 in 2013.


Wi-Fi STATION HW-01F | Products | NTT DoCoMo

next"Wi-Fi STATION HW-01FExhibition booth

This is Wi-Fi STATION HW-01F

Compact size up to 150 Mbps at reception and up to 50 Mbps at transmission

The color is Orange and White

Height of 57 mm × width of 90 mm × thickness of 13.5 mm, weight of about 110 g, touch to operate the screen

Power button on the top

MicroUSB port on the bottom

Maximum capacity of 150 Mbps at reception was overwhelming speed compared with reception maximum of 37.5 Mbps at the start of Xi (Crossy) service and 14.4 Mbps at FOMA

The release of Wi - Fi STATION HW - 01F is scheduled for March 2014.

◆ Photo Panel 06

Photo Panel 06 | Products | NTT DoCoMo

this is"Photo panel 06Exhibition booth

This is the photo panel 06

Full seg viewing also possible with waterproof correspondence, the resolution is 800 × 480. The size is 157 mm high × 243 mm wide × 25 mm thick, weighs about 750 g


Power button and mute button on the top

This is the bottom

Pakali, and open it miniSIM card slot · headphone jack · SD card slot · external input antenna port

By attaching a stand to the back side, it is possible to stand on this feeling like this

The photo panel 06 will be released in early December 2013.

◆ Move Band

Moveband | Products | DoCoMo Healthcare Co., Ltd.

This is"Move band, The color is Light Green and Navy Black

Move bandWM (I move)Application (free) andBody clock(Monthly charge 315 yen) in cooperation with

If you wear it on your arm like this and use it OK

When you press the button on the main body, send data to cooperating smartphone

Checking the user's sleeping condition from the smartphone like this ...

I will give advice like this

In addition to sleeping you can get advice according to various situations

The launch of the Move Band and the start of the Body Clock service are December 2013, respectively.

◆ N-01F

Docomo N-01F | Products | NTT DoCoMo

next"N-01F"It came to the exhibition booth of

The main body color is PINK · BLACK · WHITE 3 colors


Hard key


With such a feeling closed, about 800 hours continuous standby



The rear camera has about 8.1 million pixels

It is scheduled to be released in late November 2013.

◆ P-01F

Docomo P-01F | Products | NTT DoCoMo

The end is "P-01FExhibition booth

The color is white, pink, black, three colors


With a hand like this, the continuous standby time is about 610 hours

With sub display that can confirm incoming call even when closed



P-01F will be released in early November 2013.

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