What relationship does sleep and dreams have with our consciousness?

Many creatures, including humans, can not continue their activities indefinitely, and they move to a state called " sleep " which periodically stops the movement of the body and temporarily loses consciousness. It is very important to sleep physically and healthily, and it is said that it will spend about a third of your life asleep. About such sleeping and dreams, The New Yorker introduces various opinions and columns along with books.

Why We Sleep, and Why We Often Can not | The New Yorker

Is roughly divided into sleep, "the brain even if the sleeping body is awake REM sleep with the" body and also there are two types of are for sleep "non-REM sleep" brain. For a long time, dreams were thought to be a mere byproduct of sleep. However, as brain research has advanced at a stroke in recent decades, it is known that REM sleep plays a very important role for human mental health, and that the dream greatly affects the quality of REM sleep.

However, according to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 40 million people suffer from chronic insomnia in the United States, coffee, Facebook, etc. are pointed out as a factor promoting chronic insomnia It is. Neuroscientist Matthew Walker is comparing insomnia to a self-published "Why We Sleep (Why We Are Sleeping)" a notebook PC that continues to work even after closing the lid. In addition, sleep disorder and anxiety disorder are reported to be closely related.

Obviously from the study of the brain that sleep deprivation causes "anxiety" - GIGAZINE

Arianna Huffington thought about restoring "a relationship with sleep and distance" because the mental state deteriorated due to chronic fatigue and lack of sleep for months. Therefore, he seems to be leaving home without leaving the company late every day, entering a bath with salt and starting the habit of drinking lavender tea and chamomile tea.

Furthermore, by writing out the list of "Things that I am grateful" just before going to bed, "Huffington surely blessed the closed scene of the night," he said. In his autobiography "The Sleep Revolution", Mr. Huffington "The vicious circle of the economy has also led to the vicious circle of sleep deprivation, the more severe your situation, the more essential sleep is." I said.

Marina Benjamin, a British writer who has been suffering from insomnia for many years, has his own insomnia experience in his own work "Insomnia (insomnia)". When Mr. Benjamin can hardly fall asleep at night, he will scan the unknown part in his head and move on to the task of finding "fragments of mental activity" separated from the spiritual file storage location.

Benjamin also sometimes seeks to fall asleep by imagining water, mountains, or fluffy sheep, saying that you are heavy as you tell yourself. If you are conscious of sleeping, your eyes may sometimes get it, but in the case of Mr. Benjamin it is said that "getting to sleep by trying what is happening" leads to the pursuit of sleep.

Mr. Alice Robb said in his book "Why We Dream (Why We Are Dreaming)", different from the idea that "Sleep is separated from consciousness", "Sleep is awakening It is a second consciousness in another area rich in adventure and wisdom "instead of on / off of the". " Furthermore, Mr. Robb points out that "we are spending 20-25% of the time I sleep and 5-6 years and half of my life in my dream world."

Also, Mr. Robb argues that by seeing " Lucid dreams ", you can use the foresight and problem solving skills of your dreams. In fact, episodes that have inspired ideas from dreams, such as the benzene ring , periodic table of the elements, sewing machines, violin sonatas , the Beatles' Let It Be, etc., have been handed down many times in modern times .

According to Mr. Robb, in order to see a lucid dream, it is important to first make a habit of consciously confirming whether he is asleep or awake. "If you ask yourself to answer yourself when you are asleep and ask yourself," If you are awake "during sleep, you can answer" No ", the theoretical lucid dreams should start Robb said.

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