I ate a rare "white curry udon" that flips the concept of curry udon perfectly

I fused the ingredients of iron plate called "curry" and "udon" loved by peopleCurry udonIs a dish that occupies the position of a standard without undulation among numerous udon genres. It curls the image of such curry udon around 180 degrees "White Curry UdonI was able to eat at a shop in Ebisu, Tokyo, so I went to eat curiously.

Saka noodles first-generation (Shodai) (Ebisu / Soba (Buckwheat)) - Retty

What I came up was Ebisu's "Saka noodles first-generation"The shop called.

The first generation is located near the Ebisu station on the Yamanote Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. It is a distance that you can reach from any station in less than 5 minutes on foot.

As the name of the shop suggests, the first generation is a shop that can enjoy soba and liquor, but white curry udon is introduced on TV and boasts popularity. Also on store signs "Topics in TV and magazinesWhite Curry Udon"It was written.

I entered the store immediately. There are first floor seats and second floor seats in the store, this time was passed through the first floor where counter seats are lined up. On the 2nd floor, it was a table seat of about 20 seats available for large groups.

There are six kinds of salt for tempura and a spatula on the counter, and I feel the attention of the shop.

"From the name of the store, I would like to taste buckwheat noodles ... ..." while ordering backwards, ordered "the first white curry udon" (1188 yen including tax). For this time, I tried ordering "Closing wind egg rolled egg" (734 yen including tax), recommended by a clerk.

"White Curry Udon" was brought in about 5 minutes. There is something pure in sight in a dark instrument, there is not anyone who can see through this only "curry udonate".

Instantly murmuring in the mind "...... Ice?" With half a laugh.

The white thing said what a potato was mousse. When I try to scoop with the astragalus, I try to eat it, indeed, it is finished in a mousse with a gentle sweetness like a potage of potatoes. However, the flavor of curry is not felt from here.

Curry was a hint that it is hidden under this white potato mousse. When I tried poking with chopsticks, the curry which brown color came out from inside.

From the people of the shop "Please mix well and things" and that. First of all, when you try to taste the curry soup and the potato mousse, you hear the mush, the flavor of the potato mousse is mixed with the mild spicy curry soup, and it is wrapped in the real feeling "Somehow you are eating something very delicious". I did not imagine curry and potatoes' moose to match so much, so I kept feeling the impact quietly while carrying soup to my mouth a lot.

Udon has firmness and firmness, and it was a noodle with a crispy texture. I can not feel so strong personality in the udon itself, but I felt that the compatibility between curry soup and potatoes mousse settled in just the right place.

From the soup, such beef came out as a piece. In the state of collapsing with horror, it plus a little bit of beef taste.

I will try Kobe Wind and Roll eggs I ordered together. "Please do as you like" and soy sauce was added.

It seems that the texture that I made as a pudding seems to be conveyed as I see it, a sushi egg. A thick "an" is applied and beside the plate is a fine grated radish that has been squeezed.

First of all it is a bite. The flavor of the Japanese style "An", which was also effective as a dashi, was intertwined with the seasoned egg-rolled eggs sweetened by the rich egg flavor, which is very delicate and has a deep flavor of umami. There are some things that can not be helped by Funafuna in "Dashi-rolled egg", but this sushi egg is in very baked condition and it has moderate finish as a plunge It was a dish.

Some people may feel that sweetness that was comfortable for the first bite is becoming stronger while eating some foods. However, in such a case, you can enjoy the different flavors by placing the Daikonoseri, drooling soy sauce with tarari and tightening the taste. Because the taste of soy sauce is solid, it blends moderately with the sweetness of the rolled egg, so it is better not to over-apply soy sauce. The comfortable sweetness of Daikonoroshi where the taste was narrowed down and the flavor was condensed also added the thickness to the total flavor.

The first "white curry udon" was a cup that you can enjoy the taste of curry and potatoes mousse that is gathered at a high place while also looking at the impact. Even after leaving the shop, it is first-ever attacked by a pleasant shock that the sense of reluctance will reappear even after gradually "The mousse of curry and potatoes, it matches that ... ...." If the next opportunity arises I also wanted to taste soba ".

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