What is the official "H = S-F" of happiness that Apple's founder Steve Wozniak speaks?

Steve Jobs and others joined Steve Wozniak, who still has employee ID number 1 for employees. In terms of talking about the history of computers "Apple I"Or"Apple IIMr. Wozniak, also known as the developer, tells the secret of life to be happy.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's simple formula for happiness

It was held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden on January 24, 2018Nordic Business Forum"I am thinking about my philosophy when I was about 20 years old, how do you spend your life? How do you become a good person? If I was dead, was it all happy to have laundry, such as a yacht, is this happy enough to laugh? I am mischievous thought of myself, the jokes I said, the conversation and the music are myself I noticed that it made me smile, and I came up with an official that makes my life happy ".

"If you succeed in financial terms you may be happy, but for me it can be said that a smile and laughter are happy, so IH = S - F"Happiness (H: H) = Smiles (Smile: S) -frowns (Discomfort: F)" to find happiness. Mr. Wozniak said, reducing discomfort in life is important for maximizing happiness, "How do you get rid of discomfort? I am working on it," he said that he is happy I have revealed that I have lived my life so far according to the official formula.

Wozniak appeals the need to complain or criticize others only to make things worse and to avoid such things. "Do not argue, do not argue, you can not win the argument because it's just unfortunate.The only thing you should convince in your life is myself, We are preaching the necessity of avoiding the argument that will be the burning coward and turning our attention to ourselves, not others.

In addition, "This idea makes my life happy so far, my heart is emerging in happiness, and I really can not live without worrying about anything at all "I do not want to spare time for such things in my life," worrying "is my happiness We do not have it in part. "

Wozniak remarked that "bit coin is better than gold or the US dollar" a while ago, but even at this time it is said that "I am not interested at all as investment target" bit coin, but technical thought and mathematical beauty I was praised.

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In addition, "Of course, 100 million dollars (11 billion yen)AssetIt is easy to say because Mr. Wozniak is said to have "CNBC Make ItHe wrote.

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