A secret plan to eavesdrop on Skype calls "Project Chess (project · chess)" under the white day

ByBrian Klug

Microsoft says he was staring at the message exchanged on SkypefactIt seems to have been discovered,New York TimesAccording to Skype, it is said that Skype was advancing a freezing project, which is to provide the US government with a call between users before being acquired by Microsoft.

Web's Reach Binds N.S.A. and Silicon Valley Leaders - NYTimes.com

Skype, a subsidiary of eBay, investigates Skype's legal and technical problems in 2008, and it is a unique secret project that provides calls exchanged between users of Skype to information agencies in the country "Project Chess (Project · Chess)Anonymous stakeholders revealed to the New York Times that they had started.

ByMichael Kenny

According to anonymous officials, Project Chess, which has never been elucidated, is a very small project that only Skype employees know less than 12 employees, and Skype is a legal issue with the US government It seems that operation has been promoted steadily every time we talk about.

ByMinistry of Foreign Affairs ...

At that time eBay, the parent company, bought Skype at 2.75 billion dollars (about 270 billion yen) in 2009Silver LakeEven after selling to, Project Chess continues without exiting. And in October 2011 Skype will be bought by Microsoft for $ 8.5 billion (about 850 billion yen).

BySurian Soosay

Skype executives clearly denied the specification of Skype changed in 2012 to have been forced to change specifications in order to facilitate eavesdropping on communication exchanged between Skype users from Microsoft.


However, the material that was leaked by Mr. Edward Snowden, former CIA official, managed to collect information from Internet companies on February 6, 2011, before Skype was acquired by Microsoft doingPrismIt was clearly stated that I was participating in the project.

Skype said in June of 2008 that it can not respond to the request from the police saying that they should eavesdrop on calls exchanged between usersAssertionHowever, at the present time that various things have been discovered, Microsoft spokesman seems to refuse any comments on the statement.

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