In response to the 'immigration restriction' of the Trump regime, Google said that it should add to the search results

By Travis Wise

In January 2017 President Cardin signed Presidential Decree to severely restrict entry of refugees and entry from Islamic countries, not only from the United States but also voices of pros and cons from all over the world fluttered. At that time, it was revealed that within Google's internal company "Opinions on Google search results should be added" were exchanged.

Google Workers Discussed Tweaking Search Function to Counter Travel Ban - WSJ

Google employees wanted to change search results after Trump travel ban

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which informed of the matter, in Google's company, in January 2017, "Disgusted" on the search results screen, and biased content such as prejudice against Hispanic are displayed It was aimed at avoiding things, and opinions were exchanged about putting in search results. What is displayed as "disgusting" as "Islam", "Muslim", "Iran", etc., and as a prejudice against Hispanics, terms such as "Mexico", "Hispanic", "Latino" It is said to be the search result for.

Although it was a move to exclude so-called "hate" -like contents from search results, as a result, Google dismissed this idea and did not operate search results at all. Google spokeswoman told USA Today, "Google has never manipulated search results or changed its products to promote a particular political ideology, even now, , Even at the time of the presidential campaign in 2016, and also during the confusion period after President Trump has established immigration restrictions, "the statement is announced.

While Google recommends employees freely express their thoughts internally, in the aftermath the politically sensitive content may be news as in this case. The content reported this time is the idea issued as part of "brainstorming" in the contents of an in-house e-mail exchanged two days after President Trump has signed the president on January 27, 2017.

By I Am Sargant

In that case, WSJ also reported that remarks calling attention were thrown to the parties of the conversation from the company executive class person. The person said that it was necessary to keep the state fair and well-balanced and to provide facts "because this is a very political issue."

After this exchange, the contents are first disclosed on the online group, and it is this time that it leaked to the outside. Regarding this matter, Google says, "With our business processes and policies, we would not have been allowed to manipulate search results to promote political ideology," even if the result manipulation was on the agenda He said that there was no possibility that it was adopted.

Meanwhile, the White House, which is advancing its policy, said that comment was not obtained.

By US Department of the Interior

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