Facebook dismisses employee protesting 'Facebook's response to President Trump's post'

Regarding the problem that President Trump suggested on the SNS that he will 'control by force' in response to a protest action about a black man George Floyd who died due to the detention of a white police officer, Facebook said, 'The SNS made a fact check of political statements Based on the idea that 'it shouldn't be done,' he made the decision not to 'censor or edit President Trump's post.' Some employees had publicly denounced the decision, but it became clear that Facebook had fired the employees involved in the protest.

Facebook fires employee who protested inaction on Trump posts-Reuters

Facebook fires employee who protested against Trump post inaction | USA News | Al Jazeera

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement that has spread throughout the United States due to the death of Mr. George Floyd, President Trump said on TwitterFacebook that ``when the looting starts, the shooting starts )” posted. In response to this post, Twitter has labeled it 'violating the Twitter rules for praise of violence' and indirectly accused President Trump's post of suggesting force.

Meanwhile, President Trump posted the same content on Facebook, but Facebook did not label it. For this, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has expressed the idea that 'the private sector should not become' the truth of the decision-makers' ', that' should not carry out the fact-checking of political speech, ' the decision I gave it .

Some employees replied that this Facebook decision was 'wrong'. He announced that he should openly support Black Lives Matter by calling President Trump's statement 'incite violence.'

The following article describes the flow in detail.

Facebook employee openly condemned Zuckerberg's response to ``President Trump's social media censorship problem''-GIGAZINE

In this context, Facebook employee Brandon Dail, who has publicly denounced Facebook's decision, asked another employee to put a statement in support of Black Lives Matter in the developer's documentation. Revealed that he was fired. On June 2, 2020, Dail tweeted, citing the employee by name: 'Intentional inaction is also a political statement.'

Dail, a user interface engineer at Facebook, tweeted that Zuckerberg's CEO Zercker said, 'It's clear that leaders don't agree with us,' in an all-out meeting with employees. He publicly condemned the decision made by Facebook executives such as Berg CEO.

In admitting Dail's dismissal, Facebook acknowledged the fact but didn't provide details. Meanwhile, Facebook announced that 'employees will not be dismissed even if they participate in protests.'

In response to these employee criticisms, Zuckerberg announced on June 8, 2020, his intention to revise his policy on violent content.

Facebook plans to review violent content policy over SNS censorship issue-GIGAZINE

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