Facebook finally deleted President Trump's post, the reason is ``because of spreading misinformation of new Corona''

Facebook has deleted a post by US President Donald Trump as 'Propagating the False News about the Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19).'

Facebook removes Trump post for spreading COVID-19 misinformation

In May 2020, Twitter labeled Trump's tweets for the first time as “misleading”.

Twitter labels Trump's tweet for the first time ``might be misleading''-GIGAZINE

President Trump is angry at this labeling. He immediately revealed his confrontation with social media and signed a presidential decree targeting social media, saying that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook violated 'freedom of speech' in the United States.

President Trump signs executive order targeting social media for ``freedom of expression''-GIGAZINE

In response to President Trump's brute force, Twitter said 'it will continue to point out whether it is true or not', while Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, 'Private companies should be'decisors of truth'' 'Political statements are one of the most sensitive parts of democracy and people should be able to see the statements of politicians,' he criticized Twitter's fact-check.

Facebook's CEO expresses the idea that Twitter should not do fact check of political statements-GIGAZINE

by Anthony Quintano

However, criticism from Zuckerberg CEO's response erupted from within Facebook. Employees have even retired because they can't keep up with Zuckerberg's policy.

Facebook employee openly condemned Zuckerberg's response to ``President Trump's social media censorship problem''-GIGAZINE

Finally, Facebook announced that it would revise its policy on violent content.

Facebook plans to review violent content policy over SNS censorship issue-GIGAZINE

Facebook has been hesitant to carry out censorship by keeping the policy that ``politicians should be widely seen'' while collecting many criticisms, but Trump on August 5, 2020 (Wednesday) Deleted one movie posted on the President's official Facebook page. A Facebook spokesman explains that the reason the movie was deleted is 'due to spreading misinformation about the new coronavirus.'

In addition, the deleted movies are considered to be the following posted by President Trump's Twitter account. The tweeted movie itself has already been deleted and can not be played, but President Trump's tweet has been retweeted 9000 times or more at the time of article creation, and has been liked 30,000 times or more. In addition, according to Mashable of overseas media, the deleted movie said that 'most children are definitely immune to the new coronavirus infection'.

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