What causes many to believe in the conspiracy theory that 'microchips are embedded in the new coronavirus vaccine'?

Many hoaxes about the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the new coronavirus vaccine are spreading all over the world, and by those who believed in the hoax, the radio tower for the 5th generation mobile radio communication system (5G) Has also been set on fire. Meanwhile, journalist Ike Slikanda Raja explains why the conspiracy theory that 'microchips are embedded in the new coronavirus vaccine' spread.

Where did the covid microchip vaccine conspiracy theory come from? --The Verge

Even before the COVID-19 epidemic, anti-vaccine activities have triggered measles epidemics , and the World Health Organization (WHO) has listed vaccine repellent as one of the ' 10 Global Health Threats of 2019.' The anti-vaccine movement, which disseminates false information about vaccines, has become a major social problem. Also. It has been pointed out that the anti-vaccine movement has gained momentum after the COVID-19 epidemic, and there was concern that the anti-vaccine movement would spread false information about the new coronavirus vaccine.

It is pointed out that the movement against vaccines is becoming active by taking advantage of the pandemic of the new coronavirus --GIGAZINE

In a March 2021 (PDF link)

study by Surgo Ventures , a non-profit health organization, one in 14 Americans said, 'The new coronavirus vaccine has tracking microchips embedded in it. It turns out that there is a possibility. ' 'We do hundreds of COVID-19 tests every day, and one in five asks about a microchip for tracking,' said Sri Kanda Raja, a medical practitioner working in a public hospital. He explained why so many people came to believe the conspiracy theory that 'microchips are embedded in the new coronavirus vaccine'.

According to Sri Kanda Raja, the conspiracy theory began with Bill Gates' Q & A on vaccines on the Internet bulletin board Redit on March 19, 2020, Japan time.

The problem was that 'a digital certificate will be issued to show the test results of the new coronavirus and the vaccination status of the new coronavirus vaccine.'

The day after Gates made a statement,

Biohackinfo, a biohack- related website, said, 'A study of implanting vaccination records in the skin ' supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. And published an article entitled 'Bill Gates intends to embed a microchip to fight the coronavirus.'

Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus – Biohackinfo

Two days later, Rev. Adam Fanin, who was distrustful of Bill Gates, wrote a movie entitled 'Bill Gates: Embedding a Microchip in a Vaccine to Fight the Coronavirus' based on an article by Biohackinfo. Was published on YouTube (deleted at the time of article creation). Sri Kanda Raja points out that the movie added the word 'vaccine' to Gates' remarks.

According to Sri Kanda Raja, the movie released by Rev. Fanin was spread by apocalypse and conspiracy theorists and was immediately played over 1.6 million times. And on April 13, 2020, Roger Stone , known for serving as political adviser under the Donald Trump administration, appeared on the radio program ' The Joe Piscopo Show ' and 'Bill Gates Whether it played a role in the creation and spread of the new coronavirus is controversial. '' Bill Gates and other globalists are undoubtedly micro in the process of mandating vaccination. We use chip technology. ' That afternoon, the New York Post published an article entitled 'Roger Stone: Bill Gates Created a Coronavirus to Embed Microchips in People.'

Roger Stone: Bill Gates may have created coronavirus to microchip people

According to Sri Kanda Raja, after the New York Post article was published, the article and Rev. Fanin's movie were shared more than a million times on Facebook each. This has led to the rapid spread of the hoax that 'microchips are embedded in the new coronavirus vaccine,' Sri Kanda Raja claims.

Furthermore, in 2021, 'The U.S. military has developed a subcutaneous implantable sensor to detect viruses, ' 'aglobal semiconductor shortage is occurring, ' and 'IBM has developed a tiny microchip .' The news that strengthens the hoax that 'microchips are embedded in the new corona virus vaccine' was reported in quick succession. 'I felt like I was providing the material to strengthen the microchip conspiracy theory,' said Sri Kanda Raja.

Sri Kanda Raja has asked movie publishing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok to turn off movies that spread disinformation about the new coronavirus vaccine, including Rev. Fanin's movie. Although most of those videos have been suspended, Mr. Fanin's movie has been played nearly 2 million times in about a year until Mr. Slikanda Raja points out.

Sri Kanda Raja mentioned the slow response of the movie publishing platform and the US State Department's Vaccine Disinformation Prevention Web page last updated in January 2012 to prevent the spread of false information about vaccines. I want to strengthen my posture.

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