Microsoft found out that NSA had access to Skype · Hotmail etc.


A project that enables government agencies to directly access the central server of net companies including Microsoft and Google and refer to personal information etc.PRISMWas revealed by Mr. Edward Snowden, former CIA official, but Microsoft denied having participated in PRISM and said, "Only if we are forced to disclose information in compliance with the law from the government, We only have to provide data on this, "he said. However, according to the material that the Guardian originally acquired in the UK, Microsoft has found that NSA was helping to access their online services including Skype and Hotmail.

How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages | World news | The Guardian

The material obtained by The Guardian was provided by Mr. Snowden who exposed the existence of PRISM and it is accurately described how intimate the relationship between Silicon Valley and NSA over the past three years was made from the material The facts discovered are as follows.

◆ Microsoft helped to avoid encryption against the NSA concerned about the possibility of not being able to intercept the newly released web chat


NSA has been concerned since July 2012 when the testing of started, as to whether we can intercept encrypted chat exchanged on Microsoft's by users. However, in a document written on December 26, 2012, "Microsoft and FBI developed a system that can solve the problem of intercepting chat, and in a test that was conducted on December 12, 2012 "It was written that Microsoft and FBI worked together to avoid encrypting chat in and found out how to intercept content.

◆ NSA has the right to access the stage before e-mail in including Hotmail is encrypted

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The document obtained by The Guardian states that "PRISM can collect data before encryption for Hotmail, Windows Live, e-mail, so it will not be affected," and NSA is listed in Outlook We are also aware that you can intercept data at the stage before e-mail is encrypted.

◆ Microsoft allowed FBI access to cloud storage service SkyDrive via PRISM

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In the document written on April 8, 2013, we also know that in cooperation with FBI, Microsoft was trying to allow PRISM to access SkyDrive without legal authorization. Also at the end of this document was stating that "FBI and Microsoft's cooperative attitude has brought success to the data collection of SkyDrive," to the effect that praising the cooperative attitude of FBI and Microsoft.

◆ Microsoft assisted NSA in accessing records of calls and video calls exchanged on Skype

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The material provided by Mr. Snowden this time also includes information on Skype with about 663 million users worldwide. In July 2012, NSA reported that "the amount of Skype video calls that can be collected through PRISM has tripled." According to the NSA's data, it was on February 6, 2 days after February 4, 2011 when Skype participated in PRISM that began collecting data from Skype, "Skype gathered The call record of this was very clear and the metadata was completely visible ", it is stated. Because Skype declared "It is impossible for the company to eavesdrop on calls exchanged on Skype", Skype is likely to be a shocking event for Skype users.

Microsoft denied that he had been participating in PRISM since PRISM was revealed and declared that disclosure of personal information was "unless there was a disclosure request based on the law" for the disclosure of personal information.

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