ProtonMail releases Tor version to protect users from government censorship

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ProtonMail is a webmail service with 2 million users with an emphasis on security and privacy by end-to-end encryption. ProtonMail has released ProtonMail for Tor in recent years to protect its users from censorship which increases severity.

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End-to-end encryption introduced by ProtonMail is a security technology that encrypts transmitted data at the sender and decrypts it at the destination of data. Although ProtonMail has protected users' privacy and security through end-to-end encryption, it seems that in recent years it has become more difficult to keep the level of security required by the company.

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In the order of NSA and FBI America's Yahoo! Scan data of company's mail serviceForcing the introduction of monitoring softwareAnd the encrypted mail application that was used by activistsBlocked by Egyptian government(As of February 5, 2017, it was canceled). In response to these circumstances, ProtonMail is an anonymous communication system "Tor" version that allows you to connect to the Internet and send mail without knowing its IP addressProtonMailHas been released.

The Tor version ProtonMail is not accessible by using the Tor browser, not the browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. As a reason why ProtonMail chose Tor browser, "Tor communication system that routes traffic to ProtonMail makes it hard to eavesdrop on communication" "Even if the official version of ProtonMail is blocked by the government, Tor version can be used "and" It is difficult to obtain accurate location information of users ".

All of Tor's ProtonMail uses HTTPS, and an SSL server certificate for that is acquired. Although the service has already been started, installation of the Tor browser is indispensable for use. How to install and use the Tor browser can be confirmed from the following articles.

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