Project to provide free Wi-Fi to over 1,000 villages "Digital Village"

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There are many areas where the Internet environment is not being developed in the world,GoogleYaFacebookCompanies are proceeding with projects to improve the Internet infrastructure of remote areas. Meanwhile, plans to provide Wi-Fi to more than 1,000 villages in India have been revealed.

India is planning to give free WiFi to more than 1,000 villages - Jan. 30, 2017

In India, in November 2016, the high price of 500 rupees (about 815 yen) and 1000 rupees (about 1630 yen)Distribution is forbiddenIt is time to shift to a digital economy promoting electronic commerce such as electronic payment and online trading, and it is a very important task to maintain domestic Internet infrastructure.

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However, the construction of a network linking rural areas will cost huge, so Indian carriers are struggling to invest in the development of Internet infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Indian government announced a pilot project called "Digital Village". This project provides education, medical services and the Internet to the village in the remote area, targeting 1050 villages. In August 2017, the government plans to construct a special radio tower offering Wi - Fi hotspots in 1050 villages. It seems that this project will cost only 62 million dollars (about 6,980 million yen) at the initial stage.

It is said that there are about 900 million people who can not connect to the Internet in India, and in the past Google added free Wi-Fi service to railway stationsOfferAnd Facebook has a free Wi-Fi service called "Free Basics"OfferHowever, due to the strict regulation of the authorities Free Basics has been forced to withdraw.


However, in India, plans are already in place to set up optical fibers to improve the Internet environment, and the possibility of competition is pointed out in this project.

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