"Tor" to anonymize net communications and Firefox developer "Mozilla" partners

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Mozilla, the developer of Firefox,Browser "Tor Browser" that you can hide from where you are accessing to anonymizeTor project to develop and others, as well as a non-profit organization promoting the opening and freeing of the Internet with headquarters in Washington DCCenter for Democracy & TechnologyWe will cooperate with Mozilla to enhance the privacy aspect of Mozilla products together.

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Millions of Internet users around the world love the Tor project software that can anonymize IP addresses. Specifically, in 2013Edward SnowdenMrNSA's intelligence activitiesAfter disclosing confidential documents on the Internet, many people changed their view on the Internet, PC, smartphones, Tor, which is anonymous communication system, attracted more attention and routers that can easily use anonymous communication system "Anonabox"Appearance of such devices have appeared.

Speaking of PC's web browser is a tool that will be most frequently used when connecting to the Internet, it will be easier for users to use Firefox with confidence by strengthening privacy aspects. It seems to be aiming. Through the partnership between Mozilla and Tor project, the following two things are done in the beginning.

· Engineering support
Tor Browser is a web browser based on Firefox. The Tor project commented on partnership that it is very excited to be able to help Mozilla engineers and resources developing Firefox, which have been accumulated so far. Also, in cooperation with Mozilla, the Tor project will be able to concentrate on reworking of Firefox privacy rather than maintaining Tor Browser itself.

· Network side support
In the Tor network, the absolute number of users who can connect at the same time is limited. Support for Mozilla should be very useful to increase the capacity of this Tor network.

In the developer blog of the Tor project, Tor Browser is the best way to protect the privacy of individuals and it is said that this alliance is a major step in the anonymity of the Internet.

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