It turns out that Apple had abandoned plans to completely encrypt data on iCloud, whether due to FBI intervention



Apple, which values user privacy protection, has been reported to have abandoned plans to end-to-end encrypt data backed up to iCloud. It is speculated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intervention may have caused the plan to be abolished.

Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained-sources-Reuters

Apple reportedly scrapped plans to fully secure iCloud backups after FBI intervention-The Verge

According to two Apple and four FBI officials who provided information to Reuters, Apple said in 2018, `` End-to-end encryption of iPhone and iPad user data backed up to iCloud. To provide. ' This iCloud data full encryption plan was designed to prevent hackers from breaching the data, and even Apple may not be able to recover the encrypted iCloud data, so even if there is a court order, Apple Will not be able to provide law enforcement agencies with iCloud-backed data.

However, it is said that representatives of the FBI's Cyber Crime and Cyber Operations Technology Division disputed the matter. Representatives opposed Apple's plan, saying that end-to-end encryption would make it harder to find evidence of suspects using the iPhone, and later discussions abolished iCloud's full encryption plan. An Apple spokeswoman and the FBI did not comment on discussions about encryption issues.



A former employee of Apple, who testified to Reuters on the abolition of the encryption plan, only stated, `` The plan was abolished for reasons you can imagine, '' and whether the FBI had a reason for the abolition of the plan was unclear. I didn't state it. However, the person mentioned a court struggle between Apple and the FBI over an iPhone unlock order used by the culprit of the 2016 `` San Bernardino shooting incident '' and said , `` Apple will not cause any more trouble I decided. '

Meanwhile, the former Apple employee may have been suspended for other reasons, including the risk that many users could lose access to their data due to full encryption of iCloud backups Pointed out. When the plan was decided to be abolished, it was instructed to suspend the work to the about 10 iCloud backup full encryption project team.

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