IPhone can unlock independently without depending on Apple, court battle is over

ByJohn Karakatsanis

In a matter that Apple was rejecting the request of the government that urged the unlocking of the iPhone owned by the suspect of gun shooting incident in San Bernardino, California in December 2015, FBI own Announced that it succeeded in unlocking. Along with this, the court battle with Apple is expected to end.

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FBI successfully unlocked iPhone 5c used by Side · Liswan · Farruq who caused the incident by acquiring "cooperation of third parties" in the court held on March 28th of the local time , And revealed that it succeeded in retrieving the data stored inside. Details on the unlocking method are not disclosed.

This case, where the national investigation right and the line of privacy were heavily questioned,Apple refused government request for unlocking in February 2016It became a big problem from what I did, and it developed to court struggle. But FBI suddenly expected to unlock the suspect's iPhone without the help of Apple suddenly on the week of March 21, "he offered to postpone the hearing by the Federal Security Service.

And the following week the FBI announced unlock success. According to the FBI staff who responded to the interview on condition of anonymity, it succeeded in retrieving the internal data without destroying it at all, and it is said that the investigation on the details is currently being carried out now. The method and the details such as who the "third party" is is not disclosed at all and it refrained from commenting against the question "Do you teach the method to Apple?" Elean · decker federal prosecutor who was in charge of the incident said, "The withdrawal of the lawsuit said that it was possible to retrieve information from the iPhone without losing anything through cooperation from a third party that was recently available It is on receiving facts. " Bloomberg Business and other interviews, Apple's public relations have not reacted.

The documentation submitted under the Decker attorney's attorney's name contains its contents.


"Because the government succeeded in accessing the data stored on Farruq's iPhone, it is no longer necessary to investigate cooperation with the government against Apple that had been issued on February 16, 2016" You can check.

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