Windows Live Messenger finished March 15 and unable to sign in, completely unified into Skype

Microsoft's "Windows Live Messenger"Is scheduled to be abolished on March 15, 2013, it seems that an e-mail is being sent to tell users about 100 million people.

Microsoft Migrating Messenger Users to Skype on March 15

This is the message

Microsoft bought Skype in May 2011 at 8.5 billion dollars, which is the default route for this unification. The exception is in China, where the corporation TOM holds the rights of Skype, so Windows Live Messenger will continue to be offered.

What I should do after March 15th is that if you start Skype, you can log in with the ID of the messenger you used so far, and the contact list etc will be transferred as it is.

At the moment, there are 280 million Skype users, and adding about 100 million users of Windows Live Messenger here will create a huge community of about 380 million people .

The top of the official website of Windows Live Messenger in Japan is as follows and it is now promoting the shift to Skype.

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