4 steps to eliminate “too much thinking”



Many people think that they will “reduce the amount of food” when they eat too much, and they think “let's take a break” when they work too much, but few people think that they should “stop thinking” when they think too much. Darius Foroux , a writer on decision-making and productivity, said the act of continuing to act “think” without being conscious of how many hours per day he was thinking. It is. Regardless of whether it is a positive or a negative thought, too much thinking will cause harm, Foroux has released four steps to stop thinking too much.

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Foroux says that the problem of overthinking is that overthinking is not considered a problem. For example, some people recognize that negative thoughts are spiraling as “bad”, but positive thinking is not a problem. But Foroux explains that if you use too much of your brain, even if it's a positive thought, you'll get “clogged” as if you used too much drainage and make wrong decisions.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus has left the words “Our life is what our thoughts make it”, and many people think of “thinking” and “identity”. Tie. However, writer Eckhart Toll says, “Thinking” is just one aspect of intelligence in the book “ Life becomes simple and easy when you open the satori ” (original title: The Power of Now). He states that beauty and creativity are born beyond 'thinking'. Foroux agrees with Toll's words that “freedom begins by realizing that he is not a thought itself but a“ thinker ”” and explains that “self” and “thinking” are different. did.

Thinking is a “tool”, so it is important not to keep using the tool for 16 or 17 hours a day, but to take it out when needed. Foroux tells the following steps to separate 'self' and 'thinking' so that they are not swayed by thinking.

◆ 1: Encourage awareness of “thinking” throughout the day



Many people don't even have the consciousness of “I think too much,” so it is necessary to first become aware. Too much thinking recognizes that instead of bringing a person closer to the goal, he moves the person away from the goal.

◆ 2: Observe your 'thinking'



When you start thinking, instead of swimming your thoughts as they are, you objectively observe that “I started thinking”. This prevents you from being immersed in thoughts.

◆ 3: Limit thinking time



Decide on a time limit of “15 minutes” when you start to think, such as prioritizing daily actions or keeping a diary. You can think as if you are completely whispering within the time limit. What you should stop is the situation where you always think anywhere anytime.

◆ 4: Enjoy life

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Foroux tells us that he wants to be grateful for this moment, no matter how much he wants to be successful in the future, no matter how hard the past suffers. Let go of your thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow.

'Thank you for this moment' does not mean 'you can enjoy what you hate', but it means you can move to action without judgment or criticism, even if you hate it. . And if you like it, enjoy it all, whether it ’s big or small. Foroux stated that to eliminate the state of thinking that leaves the reality, it is necessary to just exist, as we are reading this sentence, rather than thinking about goals, failures and the future. It was.

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