Nine advices to overcome shy self

I was not good at going out to people and had nine advices introduced to those who wanted to fix their shyness. In addition to presenting in public, there seems to be some people who are nervous about being tense when talking to multiple people at a company or school.

The following advice is that someone who was extremely shy is what he learned when he got over his shyness. The method of approach differs from item to item, but what is consistent is "suggesting new things" and "what you do not mind others''s attention", and it has a rich content.

Details are as below.How to Finally Overcome Shyness - by Dumb Little Man

1: Use my subconscious mind
Everything happens in our own mind first, then it becomes reality. So first of all we need to have a correct belief in subconscious mind. It is important to be conscious of repeatedness (or to speak out loudly) that "I am confident at any time!" Ali trying to imagine himself as confident in a social place. Also, it is one thing to try self-hypnosis. This item is the most important point.

2: Positive, interact with people who will help you
If you are with a group who justifies being shy, you can not get over it forever. If you find a friend who criticizes you rather than ridicule and also finds a friend who will boost your challenge, never leave that person.

3: Pioneering a cozy place
Wherever you go, you will need new challenges. Every time you try new things you may feel a little scary, but this is the only way to grow yourself. If you try to overcome shyness, going out to society is inevitable, so you will have to put yourself in a less comfortable situation. It is important to continue to challenge yourself.

4: Step forward one step at a time
Even if it is trying to grow myself, it is not the best way for a tremendously shy person to make a speech in front of the crowd of 1,000 suddenly. Such a treatment is called "flooding method (flood therapy)", but it will not work unless it is under carefully managed circumstances. When practicing speaking in public, please talk with five people first. If that is okay, we will increase the number of people by 10 people, next 20 people. I hope to grow slowly, but not too late.

5: Do not take too much of the situation seriously
Shy people tend to take too much of the situation seriously. For example, when announcing something "When you forget the lines in the middle, what if you shake your voice?" When you came up with a thought of saying a jokes during chatting, "If anyone smiled If not, what should I do? But even if something bad as expected happens, will those circumstances kill you? Of course, that is not the case. Let's face things positively.

6: Shyness is a sign of the height of pride
Shy people are spending too much time to worry about themselves. I care about the way people are watching from the people around and I am only looking at the surrounding situation to act well on the spot. But, in fact, others do not pay attention to you so much. After all, like other people, others do nothing more than think about themselves. So, let's try to reduce the time you think about yourself and think about others.

7: Do not analyze too much
It is not good to think too much to overcome her shyness. Just a second thought, you will find that there is no use in thinking such a thing. However, if you actually put yourself in social life, you may be conscious of "trying to overcome shyness", but not any "phobia" should be overcome "brain activity" but to act It is worthwhile. By challenging yourself to feel a little scared you will be able to stop this meaningless thinking.

8: Enjoy one person
While shy people feel that it is uncomfortable to act collectively in many cases, it seems that they often do not like to act alone. So, let's go out alone, go to the movies and go out for dinner. I think that those who have confidence can enjoy being alone in public places.

9: Read a good book (or blog)
It is also important to read books that will help you overcome shyness. It is encouraged by reading the books of people who have overcome their shyness, and it will help you gain confidence in yourself.

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