What are the pitfalls that are prone to falling in the mindset "Growth Mindset (Sayaka Mindset)" that ability and quality can grow?

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Dr. Carre Douek, Dr. Duke, who propose a thinking style "Growth · Mindset" that takes a challenge pleased from the desire to "want to learn" and strives to solve the problem even if it strikes the adversity, A book on the remarkable Growth · MindsetStudy of Mindset "If You Do It!"Has become the best seller in Europe and the United States and it is starting to be adopted at the educational site. In his interview with Dr. Duek, The Atlantic has revealed the pitfalls of the Growth Mindset that people are likely to fall into.

Carol Dweck Explains the False Growth Mindset - The Atlantic

From 20 years of research, Duke drew people's thought patterns into two main patterns, naming them "Fixed Mindset" "Growth Mindset". In Dr. Duke's book "Fixed Mind Set" is translated as "Stiff Mind Set" and "Growth and Mind Set" as "Supple Mind Set".

Study of Mindset "If You Do It!" | Carroll S. Duke, Imanishi Yasuko | Books | mail order | Amazon

In the following article you can see what kind of thinking style is "rigid mind set" and "supple mind set" advocated by Dr. Duck. In addition, at the time of article creation, "Research on Mindset" can be done! "Is not released in Japan," Fixed · Mindset "as" Fixed thought attitude "," Growth · Mindset " I translate it as "growing thinking attitude" in articles.

Difference between 'thinking to grow' and 'way of thinking that can not grow' clearly in 20 years of research - GIGAZINE

In brief description of the two thinking styles, "rigid mindset" is "the ability of myself was originally decided and never changed", the "supple mindset" is "to develop your ability with effort I can think that ". According to Dr. Duke, people with "supple mindset" tend to be more likely to promote their ability to fight and learn to solve problems without fear of failure.

In conjunction with the hit of books, while the importance of "supple mind set" has been conveyed to many people, "There are people who are not able to properly understand the principles of supple mindset," Dr. Duke reveals in an interview. According to Dr. Duke, many people have both "rigid mind set" and "supple mind set", even if someone whose status has fallen to "supple mind set", for some reason "rigid mind set" It seems that it may fall into. The cause of falling into "rigid mindset" can be various things, for example, when you meet a person who is likely to demonstrate superior talent in your field you thought you were confident.

Dr. Duke insists that it is inevitable to fall into the "rigid mindset" and then understands what is causing the "rigid mindset" to activate. It also says that it is necessary to understand exactly what "supple mind set" is and to execute it in an effective way.

Dr. Duke cited the teacher and the student in an interview "Some teachers are confident that they have supple mind set without understanding the essence of supple mind set and try to convey it to the students This is a very dangerous thing. " In addition, "There are some teachers who actually fight Sleey Mind Set, who praise the students as" trying greatly! "Even though the students are making efforts in the wrong way.As a supple mind set is important to" praise " Although praising is not about "effort" but "learning process." When focusing on student efforts, we need to explain to students exactly how their efforts have derived results. " I said.

ByMysha Islam

What is important in the part called "praise" of the supple mind set is how to work on the problem and to find out what kind of solutions were devised to derive the results, and it is that praising efforts that did not result Making a mistake. "If you are a teacher, you should help students develop the strategy to solve the problem and explain how that strategy has led to success," Dr. Duke said.

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