The 20-year research reveals the difference between 'way of thinking' and 'way of thinking that can not grow'

ByD. Sharon Pruitt

Many people consider their intellect and creativity to be nature and do not think anything by themselves, but that is the conviction that determines the limits of people, "thinking to grow Attitude ", people can increase their own intelligence and ability, it is clarified by the research that Dr. Carol Dweck of psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck which is a professor of Stanford University over 20 years studies.

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This "feeling of fixed thought" and "growing thinking attitude" which disturbs my own growth by themselves are expressed in the diagram in the following manner.

"Fixed thought attitude" basically desires to show myself ", so we want to avoid the challenge that may fail. Giving up quickly when you hit the obstacle, you tend to think that efforts will not bear fruit. Even though it is useful for criticism, negative opinions disregard feedback and pose a threat to the success of others. And I will not be able to do my own abilities and will shift to the state where the growth of capability is capped at an early stage.

Meanwhile, "growing thinking attitude" begins with the desire to "want to learn", so we will gladly take up the challenge and persevere with perseverance even if you hit the adversity. I think that efforts are passing points to mastery, learn from criticism, learn from other people's success, or get inspired. Because the idea that you want to learn is fundamental, it absorbs everything snowball and can reach a high level of success.

In other words, people with "fixed thinking attitudes" are seeing the world in a deterministic way, so we can not find meaning in the "process" we are doing now and "growing thinking attitude" has free will It is given to the actor.

Dr. Dweck is remarkable for both adults and children, believing that "Personality and intelligence are not born and born of the person himself, but can grow," in a 20-year study targeting both adults and children I made a discovery that it will bring about change. This discoveryMindset: The New Psychology of SuccessIt is summarized in a book called.

According to Dr. Dweck, there are many people trying to prove the results in school, in society, in the relationship between people and people. They think that their abilities and talents are limited and that they think that their intellect and personality are subject to evaluation under any circumstances, so "Are you failing or succeeding?" " Are you looking smart or stupid? "" Are you being accepted or eliminated? "" Do you want to be a winner or a loser? "

ByTeymur Madjderey

On the other hand, those who think that their quality can be stretched by effort do different thinking from the above. People have different qualities, but we think that everyone can nurture and change their qualities through experience and study. Of course, it is not always possible to become like Einstein or Beethoven just because you made an effort, but by considering your potential as "unknown" you can be passionate and do training for years It is.

One of the research done by Dr. Dweck is an experiment for a 4 year old child. After teaching "fixed thinking attitudes" to one group and teaching "growing thinking attitude" to the other group, we made each group select two kinds of jigsaw puzzles, "Fixed Thinking attitude "group chose simple puzzles to show their abilities and showed their ability to" not mistake "to researchers, while the group of" thinking attitudes to grow "was" fixed Thought attitude "group, he said," Why do you choose the same puzzle many times even though you can not learn new things? " In other words, the group of "fixed thinking attitudes" asked for certain success to show themselves wisely, and the group of "thinking attitudes to grow" chose those who can extend their abilities. This is considered to mean that their definition of "success" is not to show themselves wisely, but to mean to become smarter.

Dr. Dweck also quotes the remark of a seventh grade girl in his book. She says, "I do not have intelligence originally, but I think that I must nurture myself.When I do not understand the answer, I will not raise my hands for the question that many children were issued. But I always raise my hands because if my answer is wrong it will be corrected properly Or you can raise your hand and say "How do you solve?" Or "I do not know so you can help me "Because the intelligence only improves by doing so," he said, "I made the difference between the ideas of the two groups clearer.

In addition, Dr. Dweck et al. Conducted a test focusing on teenage boys and girls. I let each child solve ten non-verbal IQ tests and praised them in two ways. One way is "I got a wow point, a good point, you are smart," the other one said "I also took a wow point and a good point. Wow ". In other words, one praised the ability and the other praised the effort.

ByJames goodman

Then, a child praised for abilities then avoided the problem of the difficult one when choosing the next two issues, and 90% of the children who praised the effort contrarily chose the problem of a difficult one to learn It is. And interestingly, when Dr. Dweck et al. Later gave a difficult problem that the children could not solve, the former, a group of "fixed thinking attitudes" children are coworking and talented There was a tendency to think that there was nothing.

From this we can see that the two ways of thinking have a big influence on "how to enjoy" against the challenge. Either group can enjoy the first problem easily because it can be answered easily, but as the problem gets harder, children praised for the ability can not enjoy, while children praised for their efforts You can enjoy even difficult problems as you can extend the ability of. The latter grows rapidly while the former goes losing the motivation more and more by not being able to correctly answer the question.

And the biggest hurdle of "fixed thinking attitude" was that children in the "fixed thinking attitude" group tell a lie. They wrote the score of a lie to be wise when they said, "Please write in the letters to tell the test scores to their friends."

This result also influences ideas on the success of the two ideas. The group of "thinking attitudes to grow" thinks that "success when doing the best is to raise themselves", but the group of "fixed thinking attitude" is "success demonstrates one's own excellence Being, being a great person is more valuable than being unnamed. "

Dr. Dweck says that the above two ideas must adapt to love rather than work or education. If we adapt "fixed thinking attitudes" in relation to people, I believe that my ideal partner will make myself a hedge and make me feel perfection, but the "thinking attitude growing" The group admits my mistake and likes partners who love to help grow. Dr. Dweck says "Fixed thought attitude" is the root of the wrong "true love". The group of "fixed thinking attitude" said that he feels threats and hostility towards the opponent even if there is a slight difference between himself and himself about "what partner is thinking about their relationship."

ByLulu Lovering

There is always a problem and a fight in a wonderful human relationship so that there will be no achievement without retreat.

However, people who emphasize "completeness" often blame the partner for fighting if there is a disadvantage in the person's character as conflict happens. And it seems that it tends to frustrate the opponent and dissatisfy the relationship itself with the partner. On the other hand, the group of "thinking attitudes to grow" recognizes disadvantages without accusing the opponent, even though there are disadvantages, we think that we are in a sufficient relationship. The cause of the conflict for them is a communication problem, not a person's disadvantage in character.

As "Takaka is one way of thinking", I think, Swiss philosopherHenry Frederick Amiel"To change my life as if my behavior changes, if my behavior changes, my habits change, if my personality changes Person will change my fate will change my fate will change my life." It was proved by the research of 20 years that it is important to change from a way of thinking first.

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