A psychologist shows the research result that the danger is hidden in the advice 'find passion'

by Levi Guzman

Researchers from Yale University and Stanford University have indicated in the latest research that common words such as "find passion" have the danger of becoming the worst advice as advice. According to a new paper scheduled to be published in the scientific journal "Psychological Science", the basis of the idea of ​​"to find passion" is the idea that "people have interest interests from the beginning and are waiting to be found" It is said that. And behind this is saying that the idea that "once it finds passion, it is easy to pursue it is hidden".

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This research investigated a fixed thinking that believes that "intelligence is inherent" and about 20 years of growth thinking that "Personality and intelligence can be grown, not the one born himself" It is based on a study by Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University. According to Dr. Dweck, it is difficult for people with fixed thinking to recover from difficulties in school life.

You can read about the fixed thinking and growth thinking from the following article.

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Mr. Paul O'Keefe, a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University, asked 470 subjects to analyze whether fixed thinking and growth thinking affect learning and resilience, We have done five tests to investigate the effect of.

Researchers first investigated the effects of fixed thinking and growth thinking in learning, curiosity, and motivation. Three tests were given to college students who recognized themselves as either "technology / science type" or "art / literature type" by giving articles on subjects other than subjects' concerns. As a result, students with growth thinking tended to be more interested, even articles that were not interested in them.

In the fourth test, the subject answered the questionnaire on how passion and interest affected. In this questionnaire, subjects were made to think about "when the field of interest is in trouble". As a result, a person with fixed thinking tended to think that "If you are interested in yourself, passion gave us endless motivation and it is not hard to pursue interest." This implies that there is a possibility of thinking that "I was not passionate" when I did not go as I expected, "I do not think that this task should be worked out", "Fixed thinking persons are rapidly interested I will lose it ", the researcher says. Therefore, rather than "to find passion", "to nurture passion" is more appropriate advice.

by Cullan Smith

In the fifth experiment again, the subject was divided into "technology / science type", "art / literature type", and both groups showed a movie of black hole. This movie was made for the masses, regardless of the group, most of the subjects considered "wonderful". After that, when we asked subjects to read scientific articles about black hole theory, it turned out that artist students with growth thinking tended to read articles more enthusiastically than scientific students with fixed thinking did. The researchers say the experiment showed that growth thinking has great interest in new fields.

Mr. O'Keefe says, "Our research shows that growth thinking brings concern to outside of your chosen field," he said. He is already interested in growing thoughts and new fields It has been shown to relate fields and help to better understand the field to major.

O'Keefe also insists that people with fixed thinking are more likely to lose interest when facing difficulties. On the other hand, people with growth thinking are easy to maintain interests even when they face difficulties.

by Pim Chu

Researchers are concerned about growth thinking and fixed thinking, "People looking for true love have unrealistic expectations and ultimately end up in an empty journey without end, while" love is a project, People who think that they are processes "will be patient even when they are different from expectations and eventually they will feel true love."

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