Steve Wozniak says "I have cheated a bit coin and I have been stolen"

Co-founder of Apple Computer (now Apple)Steve · WozniakMr. said, "I once fooled a bit coin and I had been stolen." Mr. Wozniak, who showed high interest in the virtual currency Bitcoin (Bitcoin), is alarming that even though the bit coin itself has strong security it can cause damage to fraud.

Would you believe this? Steve Wozniak's bitcoins actually got stolen - The Economic Times

Business symposium held in New Delhi, IndiaET Global Business Summit 2018Mr. Wozniak said, "It is not that we do not suffer from fraud even though the fact that bit chains are owned by the block chain is said, even I was cheated with a 7 BTC bit coin by fraud I said.

Wozniak said, "Someone bought my bit coin with a credit card, then my credit card payment was canceled, which was pretty easy, that credit card number was stolen I will not be able to regain it at all ", he seems to have been stolen while being buying and selling bit coins.

Mr. Wozniak lost 7 BTC has a market price of about 7,800,000 yen at the time of article creation, but the rate when Mr. Wozniak purchased bit coin for experimental purposes in 2017 is 700 dollars per BTC (about 75,000 yen) It seems that it was.

Wozniak said he did not purchase bit coins for speculative purposes. "I thought that someday I can travel without cash or credit card and I should have settled with bit coins," he thought he would like to use bit coins as "virtual currency" , In reality it seems that the practical use has remained after experiencing the difficulty of settlement with bit coin.

It was Mr. Wozniak who bought a bit coin experimentally for being impressed with the technical idea, but when I go out with the price of a bit coin sprawling up and down,happinessIn the beginning because of 2017I sold all the bit coins on handThat's right.

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