Amazon Alexa may be reading aloud soon

Amazon Echo's smart speaker "Amazon Echo" is equipped with the AI ​​Assistant "Alexa" to play music, read the news in response to the user's voice,If you tell the ingredients you want to use, you can check the recipeAnd plays a variety of roles. For now, Amazon has made a policy not to advertise on Echo, but in 2018 it is expected that a mechanism will be created that allows companies to promote their products.

Amazon Alexa is opening up to more sponsored product ads

Amazon Echo getting ads as company finds promotional partners for Alexa

According to CNBC 's report, Amazon has discussed with P & amp; G and handling detergent manufacturer Clorox etc etc about handling advertisement with Echo.

Amazon has long been suggesting to sell placement ads to companies just like Google's paid search mechanism, but it is also believed that advertising will be introduced within 2018 .

Because Amazon Echo is popular as a smart speaker and also has rich consumer data, advertisers are more likely to target more effective targeted advertisements.

However, Amazon's reporter replied that it is not planned to add ads to Alexa. It is said that it was not able to obtain comments from makers considered to have consulted with Amazon, such as Chlorox.

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