The problem is that the Google assistant records the conversation and the employee is listening to it



Google's artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, Google Assistant, is a feature that allows users to search for weather forecasts, add appointments to a calendar, and more, after the user says 'OK Google.' The feature is also included in smartphones and smart speakers such as ' Google Home ', so we collect various conversations from users all over the world, but these are heard by employees working at a Google subcontract company It is clear that Meanwhile, Google has reiterated this issue on the official blog about this issue.

Google workers listen to your “OK Google” queries? One of them leaked recordings | Ars Technica

'Alexa,' a voice recognition assistant installed on Amazon's smart speaker Amazon Echo , is recording user conversations, and it is revealed in April 2019 that this is being heard by Amazon employees became.

In the same way, Google's voice assistant, Google Assistant, has also shown that employees are hearing the same recorded conversation content. This was reported by the Belgian broadcaster VRT, and the source of information was an employee working at a Google subcontractor. VRT has been able to provide more than 1000 voice data recorded by Google Assistant from anonymous employees who were sources of information, and succeeded in identifying the person who had a conversation only with voice data. Some recordings say that the user's address and other sensitive information were 'clearly heard'.

In addition, some voice data provided by VRT may not have the voice command 'OK Google' pronounced clearly. In other words, there is a possibility that the content of the conversation has been recorded triggered by the user's unintended “sound heard by“ OK Google ””.

Subcontractors are hearing the conversations collected by Google Assistant-GIGAZINE

In response to the contents of VRT, Google commented that 'this work is very important for the development of technology to support products such as Google assistant', but on the official blog 'voice data Post an article called 'More information about our process to protect the

More information about our processes to safeguard speech data

Among them, Google said, 'One language peer reviewer violated our data security policy by leaking confidential voice data collected in the Netherlands. Our company The security and privacy teams are investigating and taking action on this issue, and are planning a complete review of the security measures in this area to ensure that there is no such fraud. It says, 'I strongly criticize the employees of the subcontractors who provided voice data to VRT, and promise to carry out a drastic review so that similar leaks will not occur in the future.'

Google has long been clear that language experts are listening to the conversations recorded by Google assistants, and it defends itself in the blog itself. 'As part of our work developing voice technology for more languages, we need to understand the nuances and accents of a particular language, and we partner with language experts around the world to do this. These language experts listen and transcribe a few conversations to help Google better understand each language, which is important in building accurate speech technology It's a process, it's a necessary action to create a product like Google Assistant, 'says Google, saying it's an action necessary to provide voice recognition for every language in the world.

When Ars Technica from overseas technology media asked Google once again, 'Is the employee listening to the recorded conversations?' Google answered 'Yes', 'The review process at both internal and affiliated companies We have taken a number of steps to protect the privacy of our users throughout. '

According to Google, of the conversations recorded by Google assistants, about 0.2% of the total data is for employees to listen to the conversation content to improve speech recognition accuracy. Also, because voice data is not linked to user accounts, it is difficult for employees to identify users from conversation content.

Also, the Google Assistant will only record when the user issues an 'OK Google' voice command. However, Google acknowledges that in some cases background noise or word misunderstanding may cause the Google Assistant to launch and record unintended conversation content.

In April 2019, Amazon's Alexa recorded the user's conversation, and when it was reported that the content was heard by employees, Bloomberg recorded not only Amazon but also Apple and Google as well as voice recognition assistants It was reported that the content was told to employees. At this time, Google commented to Business Insider that 'only a small portion of the speech is used to improve the speech recognition system.'

Note that Google users can specify information to share with Google Assistant, and can delete Google Assistant activity. If you would like to manage the information handled by Google Assistant in more detail, please refer to the following help page.

Specify information to share with your Google Assistant-Google Assistant Help

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