Finally the implementation of the function `` can hide shit you do not want to see '' on Twitter will start

On Twitter, so-called “

fucking lips ” may appear that are totally misguided or overly aggressive. Twitter has announced on the official blog that it will begin to implement a function that can hide the display of a specific reply and share its hidden settings with others so that you can avoid seeing such a fucking lip.

Giving you more control over your conversations

The ability to hide unwanted tweets from the reply from the March 2019 test have been carried out, in April 2019, 'to release a function that can hide the unwanted reply to the prospect June,' said It was announced.

Twitter will release a `` hide tweets '' function that can hide unnecessary shit yourself in June 2019-GIGAZINE

And although one month later than planned, the “reply hidden function” that finally started implementation looks like this. For example, if you want to hide a spammy fucking lip that has nothing to do with what you tweeted like the image below ...

Tap the icon on the top right of the tweet to display the menu.

Tap the item 'Hide reply'. Until now, in order to hide the fucking lip, you had to mute or block the entire account, but this reply hiding feature can now be set for each tweet.

The message 'Reply disappeared from tweet' is displayed ...

You can see a list of replies hidden from the original tweets.

If you want to display the hidden reply again, click the top right corner of the reply to display the menu.

If you tap “Unhide reply”, the reply will be displayed in the tree as it was.

Only the user who tweeted the original tweet in the tree can hide the reply, but the hidden setting is shared with other users. Therefore, the hidden fucking lip is not visible to anyone other than the person who murmured the fucking lip. Anyone can see the list of hidden replies in the original tweet, tap the icon at the bottom right of the original tweet ...

You can check hidden replies.

According to Michel Hack , senior product manager at Twitter, he will begin to implement a fucking hiding feature on a trial basis in Canada for several weeks. He said that he will make adjustments based on the results in Canada and will be able to use the hiding function in the world in the future.

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