1 in 4 Alexa users only use it for the first week

Amazon is developing smart speaker '

Echo ' series and smart display ' Echo Show ' as terminals compatible with voice assistant Alexa , but 15% to 25% of users stop using it within 2 weeks after starting to use it. I found that there is data that there is.

Amazon's Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Can't Hold Customer Interest: Docs --Bloomberg

Alexa is nagging you more because Amazon knows you don't care about its new features --The Verge

Alexa device use plummets after purchase, according to internal Amazon docs

According to the content reported by news site Bloomberg as information based on Amazon's internal documents, 15% to 25% of Alexa compatible terminals are inactive two weeks after the start of use.

In addition, the 'ratio of using Alexa compatible terminals once a week' was 74% for terminals equipped with a display such as the Echo Show, 66% for smart speakers / Echo, and 56% for small smart speakers / Echo Dot.

Jennimai Nguyen of Mashable, a news site that has been using Echo for more than 3 years, said that when he first received an Echo, he felt that 'the quality of life would improve forever', but the initial 'glittering feeling' was lost. It has been said that it is now used only for music playback, kitchen timers, weather forecasts, etc.

Nguyen's example is nothing special, and in fact Amazon's internal documents show that the main use cases for Alexa-enabled devices are 'music playback,' 'timer,' and 'lighting on / off.' That.

In an internal document created in 2020, Amazon predicts that the future growth of the smart speaker market will be '1.2% a year' and concludes that it is 'passing the growth stage', but spokeswoman Kinley Pearsall 'It's not an exact statement that Alexa's growth is slowing down. Alexa is, in fact, continuing to grow. Customer usage is increasing and more than ever in the world. It is used. '

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