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When holding multiple keys, such as a house key or a car key, there are times when it is put together into one key ring. Since the metal key ring is sturdy and can not be easily removed, it has the advantage that there is little worry that the key will come off and drop somewhere, but it is also hard to put a new key or remove an old key.Orbitkey Ring,Orbitkey ClipWhenOrbitkey StrapIn addition to carrying the key smartly, it is designed to be easy to use and detachable, and is an item useful for easily managing multiple keys.

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You can understand the design and usage of Orbitkey Ring, Orbitkey Clip, Orbitkey Strap by following movie.

A general metal key ring is difficult to put on or take off a key, especially a person with long nails may hurt the nails.

Orbitkey RingHas a double structure of stainless steel and resin. Pinch inside resin part ......

If you pull it and turn it, you will see a break for attaching and detaching the key.

Because the ring is thin, any key can be attached smoothly as long as the hole can pass through.

With easy attachment and detachment, it makes it easy for two people to share one key.

When the resin part is returned to its original state, it snaps with a snap sound. You do not have to worry that keys will come off while using them.

Orbitkey ClipIsCarabinerAnd a short strap is set.

As with Orbitkey Ring, carabiner is a combination of stainless steel and resin. The comfortable resin is soft and open wide, so you can easily install it anywhere.

The strap part is a mechanism that can easily detach and remove the ring when shifting the mouthpiece.

For example, remove the key ring from the strap and attach a card case instead ......

Applications such as removing a strap from a carabiner and attaching a drink holder are also available.

Orbitkey StrapIt is a long strap, you can wear it by turning it on your wrist.

The strap is made of leather with shiny, elegant and calm design.

As with Orbitkey Clip, you can easily detach the key ring by shifting the base.

Even when you want to use a key when your hands are occupied with shopping bags or by phone ......

If you pass Orbitkey Strap in your arm you can use both hands without problems.

Because Orbitkey Strap is long enough, it is easy to take out the key from the bag.

When combined with the Orbitkey Clip, it is also an ant that attaches a key to the bag and pulls out only when necessary.

Currently Orbitkey Ring, Orbitkey Clip and Orbitkey Strap are aiming for commercialization and are seeking investment with Kickstarter. A planner of this project has already solicited investment in Kickstarter aiming at commercialization of the key case called Orbitkey 2.0, and the target amount of 20,000 dollars (about 2.3 million yen) is about 550 thousand dollars 62 million yen), we have succeeded in making superb product. You can see how Orbitkey 2.0 is all about by seeing the following article.

"Orbitkey 2.0" which can manage multiple keys smarter and can also organize USB memory and bottle opener - GIGAZINE

For this project we have over $ 190,000 (about 22 million yen) already at the time of article creation for the target amount of $ 35,000 (about 4 million yen). If you support, the following benefits are promised according to the amount.

· One Orbitkey Ring at $ 13 (about 1500 yen)
· Two Orbitkey Ring at $ 24 (about 2700 yen)
· One Orbitkey Strap with Orbitkey Ring at $ 28 (about 3200 yen)
· One Orbitkey Clip with Orbitkey Ring at $ 34 (about 3800 yen)
· One Orbitkey Strap with Orbitkey Ring, One Orbitkey Clip with Orbitkey Ring at $ 60 (about 6800 yen)
· $ 62 (about 7000 yen) and 1 Orbitkey Clip with Orbitkey Ring + 1 Orbitkey 2.0
· One Orbitkey Clip with Orbitkey Ring at $ 88 (about 9900 yen) + One Orbitkey Strap with Orbitkey Ring + One Orbitkey
· $ 110 (about 12,000 yen) Orbitkey Ring 10 pieces set

You can also add Orbitkey Ring one for $ 13, Orbitkey Strap with Orbitkey Ring for $ 28, Orbitkey Ring attached Orbitkey Clip with $ 34 for one and Orbitkey Ring for $ 24. It is also possible to ship to Japan, with a $ 13 shipping fee of $ 13 (about 1000 yen) for the 13 dollar awards, the other benefits are $ 8 shipping cost to Japan (about 910 yen). Investment is accepted until January 13 (Sat) 8:01 in Japan time, and you can invest from the following link.

Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap - The Keyring, Reinvented. By Orbitkey - Kickstarter

Furthermore, Orbitkey 2.0 can be obtained from the following link.

Orbitkey - Japanese agency arc trading

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