I tried using the bicycle lock "LITELOK (light lock)" which is thoroughly against the bicycle thief, and is ultra-rugged to be soft but soft

Bicycle lock which can be safely protected not to be stolen by bicycle a little or gently using lightweight, flexible and easy to carry on ultra rugged enough not to be able to read easily even with bolt cutter and 1600 degree burnerLITELOK(Light lock) ". I was recruiting funds for commercialization at Kickstarter and I succeeded in commercializing it, and the real thing arrived at the editorial department so I actually tried using it.

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Arrived with LITELOK in a black bag.

Inside the LITELOK main body · 2 Velcro straps for fixing · explanation card was included.

Developed independently for LITELOK "BoaflexicoreComposite material called "Combined Material" is used and has about the same strength as chain lock and U character lock which weighs more than 1 kg while being as lightweight as about 1 kg and even one hand can hold it.

Compared to general bicycle locks, you can see that LITELOK is very thick and thick.

LITELOK logo on the joining part.

Three keys are attached ......

There is a keyhole hole in the bottom of the main unit.

Put the key here and pull it right and left ...

The key comes off and it extends to a straight state. The total length is 736 mm. The power of shape memory in the straight state is strong, spreading out as soon as you unlock the lock. First of all the power to spread is powerful and maybe a bit scary.

The joined part has the following shape and is the original shape patent pending in Britain. It is said that we are using alloy steel which is also used for household locks.

The state that the LITELOK is actually unlocked / locked can be seen in the following movie. When unlocking, I pulled out to the left and right by crushing the main body a little and it was possible to remove it smoothly.

I tried using ultra-rugged and lightweight bicycle lock "LITELOK (light lock)" - YouTube

I tried putting it on a bicycle in fact.

LITELOK in a thick belt shape protects the bicycle securely.

While driving, if you use the accessory Velcro ... ...

It is possible to carry with hanging on the frame of the bicycle as follows.

If LITELOK is fixed to the frame in the extended state, it seems to be able to lock it smoothly when it arrives at the destination.

Also, you can put LITELOK in a bag, carry it on your back.

To prevent the bicycle from being stolen, connect a structure fixed on the ground and a bicycle "Earth lockIt is said that it is a valid locking method. It is like this when fixed to the fence installed in the city.

LITELOK connects the frame of the bicycle and the fence tightly, and the feeling of security is perfect. Because it is more flexible than the U-shaped lock, it is possible to wrap it around the fence and fix the bicycle.

If it is a relatively thin tree, it was possible to fix it by turning LITELOK to the trunk.

Viewed from the top.

However, it is forbidden to park in bicycle parking areas, so it is necessary to lock the earth at the place where parking is permitted. Furthermore, in ItalyTechnique revealed by a bicycle thiefAccording to "It is possible to destroy a bicycle lock with a liquid nitrogen and a blow cutter with a large cross section may take a little time to do so, and using a carbon material saw will make it slimy" Although any lock can be destroyed reliably if trying to destroy, LITELOK takes time to destroy because of its thickness, so it seems to be said that it is hard to be targeted by a bicycle thief.

It is possible to book LITELOK with 80 pounds (about 12,400 yen) for 1 piece and 155 pounds for 2 pieces (about 24,000 yen). Also compatible with shipping to Japan, if you buy 1 or 2 LITELOK shipping costs 15 pounds (about 2300 yen) required separately. If it is 3 to 4 pieces, the postage is 30 pounds (about 4600 yen), and five or more items are free shipping.

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