Carbon fiber chopsticks which can withstand high heat of 200 degrees or more

Wood and plastics are used as materials for chopsticks that are commonly used at home, due to ease of use such as heat transfer difficulty and low price, but because it is lightweight and boasts high durability, it can be used for rockets and other vehicles other than automobiles and bicycles It is also applied to aircraft, tennis rackets, even kendo bamboo swords and the likeCarbon fiber (carbon fiber)There seems to be some chopsticks made of.

Details are as below.
Carbon Fiber Chopsticks With Matching Carbon Fiber Rest Carbon Fiber Gear

Black luster design with carbon fiber appearance.

A line like an annual ring.

Chopstick rest is also made of carbon fiber.

It is a material that can withstand heating above 200 degrees Celsius and uses high-quality carbon fiber for aerospace.

There is also a movie for introduction.
YouTube - Carbon fiber chopsticks from

Those made of carbon fiber are often expensive, and this chopstick also does not leak to many, and the selling price is quite expensive as 149.95 dollars (about 13,000 yen). As long as you use it, tools may be good for people who want to stick to functionality.

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