What is the "best cutting board to really buy" that a professional chef drew in a three month experiment?

Cutting boards are necessaries of the kitchen, but there are even one that is difficult to choose. Even if you start using it often, it often breaks, scratches get caught by the kitchen knife, and problems will come out later. So, professional chefs use all kinds of chopping boards for 3 months and do a number of tests to clarify "which cutting board is really the best worth buying".

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Repeat the experiment to make the best recipeAmerica's Test KitchenConducted various tests on nine cutting boards of different types and examined durability and ease of use. The price of the nine cutting boards is 22 dollars (about 2700 yen) to 200 dollars (about 24,000 yen), and the material is bamboo material, wood, plastic, etc. The weight and firmness were also apart.

However, with respect to size, it is said that "15 to 20 inches (38 cm to 50 cm) standards have been established as" to be easy to use at home. "

Some that are too heavy and can not be lifted by women's hands ......

There were grips in anticipation of difficulty in lifting.

The good chopping board here means what the cutting board does not slip during use, that is, it is highly safe and easy to control knives. At this time, the ease of control is said to be the point that "a kitchen knife will be slightly scratched". The chopping board which does not scratch at all is slippery, and on the contrary if the wound is attached too much, the bacteria will breed and color and smell will be attached.

And the most important is "durability". Even if you continue to use it, it is flat, you will be asked for the best chopping board that there is a gap between it and the desk and it will not shake and shake or break.

So in one of the tests, each cutting board was used every day for three months as usual.

On the other hand, chopped onions, ...

Herbs and ......

It is a spice of Mexicochipotle pepperI checked the dirt on the cutting board by carving it.

The strength of the chicken with bone was also examined by chopping it with 'kitchen knife' with a kitchen knife.

Cutting was performed for 750 consecutive times in some cases.

Of course, the sharpness of the kitchen knife used for the test is outstanding.

It was put on a dishwasher repeatedly and tested the safety when using a dishwasher.

Each cutting board is washed as it is used ... ...

The endurance test of dropping it from the table was also done.

As a result, the chopping board called Butcher Block, which combines several pieces of wood, is easy to cut food even if it is wood or bamboo ... ...

When it gets wet it expands and it shrinks when dry, as the gap comes out between the pieces of wood, the state of cutting board was very unstable.

Similarly, the chopping board of bamboo material seems to have been able to crack because of combining multiple members.

The chopping board of bamboo wood is placed at the top on the left. As long side-by-side long thin bamboo materials are glued, it cracks along the joining surface.

However, the further worst was the chopping board made of phenolic resin and wood fiber together. Concon and sound are noisy during use, even thinner chopping boards are bent when using it.

Although it was a little okay with respect to things thick, deduction because cutting board fragments were mixed in the ingredients.

Plastic chopping boards are durable, although they are easily scratched. Since ease of cutting is the same as wood, usability is relatively good.

And the best chopping board I found at the end of many tests is kore.Teak woodAnd it has durability without using oil or varnish because there is a natural oil component. Moreover, it is hard to crack even when it gets wet or dry, and it also has cutting ease peculiar to wood.

Made of teak woodProteak made chopping boardThe point is smooth, the point that grip is also easy to use. It seems that beauty was preserved no matter how much it was used during the test period. The price is US $ 91.82 (about 11,000 yen) on Amazon.

I recommend it to those who say "I want somewhat cheaper ones"Cutting board made of OXOis. Since it is made of plastic, it is light, it has a grip on the left and right so it's easy to carry around and it looks like it is not slippery during use. Even dishwashers can wash the price for $ 24.99 (about 3000 yen).

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