Five basic cooking skills to master in self-catering

ByEmanuele Rosso

The chef who won the Michelin starGordon RamsayUses the culinary skills cultivated by himself to introduce tips and recipes when cooking at home, and among them, the movie that summarizes the five basic self-catering skills "How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills"Is released to the public.

How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay - YouTube

◆ 1: chopped onion

When cutting onions, the core part is important, and cutting off the core will make it disintegrate and it will not be able to keep the whole shape.

First cut in half length.

Three pieces of index finger, middle finger, ring finger are used upright but the joint of the middle finger is placed so as to hit the belly of the kitchen knife, and the point that the toes can be withdrawn a little is the point.

Place onions cut in half on the chopping board and cut it in portrait orientation.

While leaving the core, cut as closely as possible to the core.

Then turn the onion 90 degrees ... ...

Insert 2 to 3 incisions diagonally.

Looking a bit away from above it looks like this.

Finally, press the onion like holding the tennis ball, put the kitchen knife sideways and chop it.

The remaining core part ......

By cutting the left and right at the end, it is possible to use it without waste.

Completion of finely chopped.

◆ 2: How to cook rice in a pot

Ramsay who took out the bottle with raw rice.

Rice is a long - grained indica rice.

Prepare a bowl and a kitchen scale.

I use 400 g of raw rice.

Transfer it to a monkey ......

Wash with water to remove the dirt and rain stuck on the surface of rice. By using cold water, rice grains are loosened to flavor and hard to cake, and soft rice can be cooked.

I will transfer the washed rice to a pot.

This time to make flavored rice, shake salt and pepper before cooking, for scentingcardamomWith 3 grainsStar anisePut in.

Pour 600 cc of water into the pan.

I will lid and heat it with high heat. If you boil, make it low heat and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, after stopping the fire it is important to steam for a while keeping the lid.

Completion of plump rice. By inserting spices, it seems that a good fragrance spreads when you eat.

Remove Star Anise and Cardamom before eating.

Finally mix well. It seems that rice cooked will be about twice as much as raw rice by sucking water.

◆ 3: How to take fish skin and bones

Prepare salmon on 3 sheets.

Kitchen knife for peeling is suitable for "Flexible knife", which has a thin blade and is soft and well touched.

Hold the tail side with one hand and insert a kitchen knife a little.

Tilt the knife so that it is parallel to the skin ...

Pull the tail and move the kitchen knob in small increments to separate yourself from the skin.

When turning the kitchen knife about half ... inside out ...

Continue cutting while confirming that your body is not overly skinned.

It is the point to cut slowly little by little.

If you proceed to a certain extent, wind up the skin around your fingers and move the kitchen knife while pulling on the leather.

Cut it to the end and turn it over.

I will leave the skin.

Next is a boneless work. As you move the kitchen knife, the tip of the bone comes out of the body.

Using boning, grasp the tip of the bone and pull it upwards.

Completion of salmon fillet.

◆ 4: How to sharpen knives

Ramsay is using a sharpener instead of a grinding wheel.

It is important to hold the hand of the sharpener so that you do not cut your hand when sharpening the kitchen knife. You can hold the sharpener at 45 degrees against the ground.

Put a kitchen knife at the base of the hand of the sharpener ......

Sharpen the whole body from the base to the tip of the kitchen knife while moving towards the back.

Using both sides of the sharpener, sharpen both sides of the kitchen knife.

In order to preserve the sharpness of the kitchen knife, it is recommended to sharpen each time before using the kitchen knife.

◆ 5: Perfect boiling of pasta

Pasta is difficult to cook, it is hard to boil and it is hard or boiled too much to become Funafuna. In order to boil one pasta to the same hardness, it is a point to use a big pot.

In a pot with water, add salt and pepper to add a flavor and put olive oil to prevent pasta sticking.

Boil it until it boils.

Ramsay uses thin pasta with boiling time of 3 minutes to 4 minutes.

Spread a bunch of pasta and put it in a pot.

When the tip gets softer, grasp it with a tongue and rotate it to apply the whole to hot water.

Taste it and check its hardness. "Aldente" with a little core left is the best, if it is too hard boiling time a little.

Raise it to a monkey and cut the hot water.

Taste with salt and pepper ......

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to prevent the noodles from solidifying.

Mixing immediately after adding olive oil seems to make it difficult for the noodles to stick together.

Finally taste it again and check the taste is ok.

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