An unexpected thing to kill you, such as altitude 8000 m, water 6 liter, salt tsp 48 tsp.


It is well known that overdose of alcohol causes death, but even if you drink too much water your brain will expand and die, even if your height is too high you can not live long enough The risk of death rises sharply when crossing over. So, with regard to food, altitude, anoxic condition etc., it is published in the movie that "How long will a person die?"

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There are many "poisons" in the world, but how much poison you die will depend on the type of poison. For example, mercury is said to reach a lethal dose for one serving at 200 mg, but on the other hand it has strong radioactivitypoloniumWith 1 g it is possible to bring as many as 50 million people to death.

However, not necessarily what is considered to be "poison" does not necessarily have a bad influence on the human body. If you drink 70 cups of daily coffee, you can stop the heart of people weighing 70 kg by caffeine.

Alcohol, depending on the type, will bring people to death with 13 shots of shots.

This is because alcohol works to suppress the areas where brain control of functions such as lungs and hearts responsible for life support are done.

There is also a lethal dose in the water which is said to be better for the body if you drink a lot. When 6 liters of water is drunk, the sodium concentration in the blood drops, causing vomiting and headache, the brain expands and there is a fear that it may die in the worst case.

However, if you do not take too much water or take too much salt, this timeHypernatremiaThere is a possibility.

If you take 48 teaspoons of tea at one time, hypernatremia causes confusion and cramping, which in the worst case also leads to death.

A man whose face is submerged in water suffers damage to the brain in 4 minutes and dies in 6 minutes.

However, divers and so on are exceptions. German diver'sTom · ThetaHas been certified as Guinness Book as being able to stop breathing underwater for more than 20 minutes.

Also, it is possible to deprive oxygen from human body without water. In the cherry specieshydrocyanic acid, And hydrocyanic acidCytochrome c oxidaseIf it binds with it it will suppress its activity and oxygen supply will be impossible in the body. Do not eat too much cherry seeds.

Also, concerning oxygen, the world has a high altitude where oxygen concentration is so low that human beings can not survive "Death Zone(Area of ​​death)There is a hypoxic condition that is known to cause deterioration of physical function and lower consciousness and to cause death of people. Alpinist'sAccording to Mr. Ken Noguchi, "There are no microorganisms in the high mountains of the 8000 meter class, or the body is hardly corrupted", it is said that the uncollected bodies are scurrying near the summit of Everest.

A human being too tall will increase the risk of death. Born in 1918Robert WadlowHe is known to have been growing in height until he died, and he was known to have been 272 centimeters, too high a burden on the body such as crushing the circulatory system by compressing the circulatory system, died at the young age of 22 years old. In our current study, it is said that lifespan will be shortened by 1.3 years if height is 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) higher.

If you care about the lifespan of a pet, it is out that gives a lot of chocolate. Dogs and cats are included in chocolateTheobromineI can not excrete the body,Chocolate poisoningIt will cause.

Of course, if ingested in large quantities it is toxic to humans, the lethal dose of theobromine is 1000 mg / kg. If you eat 85 chocolate plate at a stroke, it will result in death.

Even if you do not have 85 chocolate boards, you get high when you ingest chocolate in large quantities. In this regard, even at the same high, if you eat mushrooms for 22 kg for marijuana there is a danger of death.

However, if you smoke like tobacco, you have to ingest 680 kgOverdoseIt is not triggered.

And even if you like music, do not listen at over 185 dB. The lung bursts,EmbolusBecause the heart is damaged by. The biggest sound recorded on the earth is172 dBIt is said to be.

"Relationship between sleepiness and death" is also frequently mentioned. Although the mouse which kept being obstructed sleeping forcibly died in two weeks, a person acknowledged in the Guinness Book as "it did not sleep for 11 days" never died on account of not sleeping. Although there is spiritual modulation, at the present time, there is no conclusion on the problem "Do people die if they do not sleep?"

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