What happens to people if you continue to eat only meat?


The diet that pulls out carbohydrates is adopted as one of weight reduction methods, and there are not a few people sending meat-based diet. Then, if you continue to eat only meat, what kind of change will happen to the human body, it is easy to understand with YouTube animation.

What If You Only Ate Meat? - YouTube

Our ancestors originally sent vegetarian eating habits to eat berries and flowers,HominineHe began to eat seeds and nuts, the level of fat ingested increased, the level of dietary fiber dropped. As a result, the human body began accepting meat, carnivorous began around 2.5 million years ago.

Then, in modern times, what happens when humans continue to eat only meat?

First of all, if you do not eat foods containing a lot of dietary fiber such as lentils, beans, broccoli, you will feel constipation and feel uncomfortable.

Also, the simplest way to generate energy is to convert carbohydrates to glucose, so if you do not take carbohydrates, the fat that constitutes the body will burn and the protein will be broken down.

Making glucose from proteinGluconeogenesisAlthough production is done in the liver, nitrogen waste produced at the same time will be discharged into the urine.

However, if urine contains too much nitrogen waste, it may cause nausea, diarrhea and, in some cases, protein poisoning leading to lethality.

If you eat only rabbit meat with low fat content, you will gradually lose weight despite eating meat. From this, protein poisoning is also called "rabbit starvation".

Also, humans are creatures that can not synthesize vitamin C in the body, and vitamin C deficiency is one of the possibilities of death. When vitamin C can not be incorporated from vegetables and fruits, the human body can not efficiently produce collagen and protein with tendons, ligaments, and skin,scurvyRisk increases, scar injury becomes bad, gum condition deteriorates, personality may change.

If these treatments are not done, it may die from infectious diseases and massive blood loss.

However, by eating raw meat, it is possible to avoid the above state.

Vitamin C is destroyed by heat, but raw meat and whale fat contains 36 mg vitamin C per 100 g. It is believed that scurvy is caused by less than 10 mg vitamin C intake per day, so if you eat raw meat you can prevent scurvy.

Lower temperatures, live in harsh environmentsInuitIn eating habits, dairy products, plant foods, carbohydrates are hardly eaten, and most are obtained by hunting and fishing. Nevertheless, Inuit's heart mortality rate is about half that of Americans and Canadians.

If you want to eat healthy meat just like an Inuit, first eat the internal organs rich in vitamin A and vitamin D such as liver. Vitamin A is an essential substance for bones and eyeballs, vitamin D is also important for bone. Also, fatty fishOmega-3 fatty acidsBecause it is abundant, it has a positive effect on the heart and vasculature.

And it is said that Inuits can withstand protein-centered diet because they have a large liver, have a large amount of urine and become a body capable of withstanding gluconeogenesis.

In addition, recent Genetic Studies have investigated the genome of Inuit living in Greenland and found that changes in genes that protect the body from cholesterol and triglycerides were seen.

In other words, it is possible to live by eating only meat, but remember that it is necessary for Inuits to send meat-focused diet by necessity. By sending a diet high in fat and eating enough weight it will be possible to withstand the situation with less food and hunt.

This is an idea opposite contrary to the idea that "to lose weight by taking out carbohydrates" in modern urban areas.

As long as we do not change genes so that whale fat is eaten raw, eating internal organs or work advantageously for ourselves, we need to send diet that incorporates various nutrients from various food groups.

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