What seems to be knowing "calories" that you do not know unexpectedly?

When dieting is done, it is "calorie" which is an indicator of the amount of heat contained in food, although there are many people reviewing the dietary life as a guide, in fact, we see calories contained in food There is not much known about insufficient at all by itself. While convenient and easy to understand, movies that have been described in an easy-to-understand manner for calories not unexpectedly understood are published.

What is a calorie? - Emma Bryce - YouTube

I often hear the word "calorie", but what is it all about?

One cookie is ○ ○ calorie

I often say that you can consume ○ ○ calories in this exercise.

However, few people understand exactly what "calorie is?"

Calories are indicators for grasping our internal energy.

A well-balanced state means taking as much calories as the amount consumed.

If you continue to consume more calories than you can consume (burn) in the body ...

As fat accumulates in the body, it gets fat.

On the other hand, if you reduce the calorie intake calorie consumption, you will lose weight.

The indicator of energy (calorie) consumed and stored like this is calorie.

In the first place, calorie is a unit of calorie, mainly used to represent the amount of food energy.

One calorie (cal) is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water by 1 degree.

For example, one piece of pizza has 272 Kcal, one piece of bread has 78 kcal, and one apple has 52 kcal of energy.

The energy of the food I ate ... ...

It is digested and stored in the body and released as necessary.

There are three major types of energy to release: 10% for digestion, 20% for exercise, 70% for organs and internal tissues.

This energy that uses the most amount is called basal metabolism and it is consumed even if you do not do special exercise.

So how much calories are needed per day?

Generally, 2000 kcal for adult females and 2,500 kcal for adult males are required. However, this is a standard calculated from the average weight, momentum, muscle mass, in case it is.

For example, if you are an athlete who plays in Tour de France it is necessary to ingest 9000 kcal a day.

Women who are pregnant also need a lot of calories.

On the contrary, older people with weakened metabolism have less calories.

In addition, it is important that the calorie of food is calorie contained in food, not eating all the calories can be ingested.

For example, foods with a lot of dietary fiber like celery require great energy for digestion and absorption, so the actual calorie that can be obtained by eating celery is negligible.

Even if it is the same amount of potato chips as celery ... ...

Unlike celery it gets a lot of calories so you need to be cautious about being overweight.

Also, "nutrients" such as proteins and vitamins contained in foods are totally different from calories.

If you eat only foods that have high calories but little nutrients ......

It can be obese.

After all, what matters is that each calorie is necessary for each person.

Because the amount of energy that can be absorbed from food differs according to the amount of enzyme digested, the type of bacteria in the body, the length of the intestines, etc., the necessary calories are each person.

Certainly calories are an easy-to-understand and convenient indicator ... ...

How much calorie you need is determined by various factors such as the person's eating habits, frequency of exercise, digestion and absorption ability in the body, so it is important to have an index that is appropriate for yourself.

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