I try to realize how much dietary amount for 120 kilocalories is in the photograph

As long as it is a product that is sold at a convenience store or a supermarket, it is only things that are calorie displayed, and it is possible to adjust the meal amount with feeling that "you can eat enough amount if you eat this," but furthermore In the case of a person who wants to diet extremely regulate the amount of meals, if you refer to this picture, I wonder how you can tell how steep it is.

So, what is the meal amount for 120 kilocalories? The picture from below.
What does 120 calories look like?

Cheese puff, 23 grams. It is a common snack.

Three small apples, 270 grams. There is a considerable volume.

Gummy, 40 grams.

Chocolate and caramel's nut bar, 26 grams. After all it is high calorie.

Sausage, 25 grams.

150 grams of low-fat yogurt and 80 grams of bananas

A piece of 10 grams of peanut butter painted on the autocake which only solidified oats.

Beef and vegetable soup 300 ml.

Chocolate mousse 125 grams.

Sausage roll 32 grams. Unexpected calories are higher in the bread series.

Vegetable samosa, 36 grams.

Edam cheese, 35 grams.

Sliced ​​ham 4 sheets, 105 grams.

Raisin 45 grams.

Grape 240 grams, pretty good, is not it?

Banana 130 grams. It is about one and a half.

Roast chicken 100 grams.

Orange 335 grams.

700 grams of tomatoes, an amazing amount.

Strawberry 465 grams. This is also an amazing amount.

Again oil and meat, sweet things are dangerous ...

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