When you eat in the summer the best thing & the worst thing seventeen

ByWagner Cesar Munhoz

Speaking of summer eating habits, summer bit prevention is often taken up, but eating habits are biased even if you are careful because there is not appetite or many events. Also, it is the season that you want to be careful about what you eat to keep your body shape, because there are many opportunities to expose your skin in the summer. In connection with such a diet of summer,Huffington PostBut, of the things that can be eaten in summer, we have selected 17 items of foods to recommend and foods recommended in total "17 Best And Worst Summer Foods"is.

17 Best And Worst Summer Foods

◆ The best thing

01. Watermelon

ByKirti Poddar

Watermelon is best to prevent dehydration when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. As its name, watermelon is made of 90 percent water. In addition, even though lycopene with anticancer action is contained more than raw tomato, it is only 37 kcal per 100 g. There is no tea whack watermelon as summer fruit.

02. Ice Tea

ByLynn Gardner

Tea is zero caloriesAntioxidant componentplenty. It also helps dieting. If you want to receive the benefits of tea, doing only enters the tea by yourself (you do not have to go buy at all). Whether it is tea or green tea, if it is homemade tea, ice is good for health as well as hot.

03. Fruit Salad

ByEszter Hargittai

It is known that those who eat fruits tend to lose weight over those who do not eat fruit. Especially red, purple and blue fruits are antioxidant ingredientsvitaminThere are plenty of such things as Berry should take on a single meal a dayDietary fiberYou can take one-third of that.

04. Gaspaccho

ByTomatoes and friends

It tends to avoid hot soup in the summer, and drinks cold soup.GazpachoThere are plenty of good bread ingredients such as green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. It is recommended not only for being cold but also easy to drink and easy to drink.

05. Chicken kebab (Grilled Chicken Kabobs)

ByScott Barlow

Easy menu just baking the material, chicken kebab is high protein low calorie low fat, less carbohydrates. If you stick a vegetable such as zucchini, green pepper or squash on a skewer, you can add not only the aroma of the summer but also the antioxidant ingredients.

06. Zucchini

ByFood Thinkers

Regardless of cooking lawzucchiniIt is the best ingredient in the summer. Only 20 kcal calories per piece. zero fat,cholesterolZero, but stillVitamin CYou can consume 35% of recommended daily intake.

07. Shrimp cocktail


Shrimp cocktail is perfect for afternoon snacks, party appetizers, or for light lunches. Shrimp is an energy source of high protein low cholesterol, iron can take 14 percent of recommended daily intake, nonetheless 3.5 ounces (about 99 g) and less than 100 kcal as low calorie.

◆ The worst thing

01. Ice cream sandwich

BySweet Flour Bake Shop

Ice cream sandwiches are 500 kcal in 2 pieces, and high fat (especially the type with chocolate chips on cookies is the worst). At the very least, let's use low-fat ones for ice cream.

02. fried bread

ByMikey Jon Holm

Fried bread, AmericanBest of greasy foods 50I am dignitely ranked in. In particular, it is said to increase bad cholesterol and increase the risk of heart diseaseTrans fatty acidIt should be noted that it contains a lot.

03. American Dog (Corn Dogs)

ByAndreanna Moya Photography

Although American Texas and Minnesota state are arguing that "our province is the birthplace", American dog is not a honor to be a birthplace. Fried food itself should be avoided, but the American dog, which contains about 20 g of fat and plenty of salt, watch out for it. "At least 150 kcal and less fat content 14 g or less, salt content 450 mg or less should be chosen" is the advice of Huffington Post. The average salt intake of Japanese people is 12 to 13 g / day.

04. Lobster Roll

ByRobert Occhialini

"Lobsters are less fat and healthy, so if you think that you are going to be a hamburger instead!" If you are eating lobster rolls, you should take a closer look at how to make it. Shrimp is caught mayonnaise and it is sandwiched between plenty of buttery breads over 400 kcal. At least one way is to make a lobster roll at home. Because you can use low-fat mayonnaise, you can choose bread with little butter.

05. Fried Clams

ByMark H. Anbinder

It is ok to share fried crumb fried shellfish with friends, but you should not eat it all by yourself. A cup of fried crumb is near 200 kcal and 14 g and a lot of fat are contained. Speaking of what we can do is nothing like frying with oil when making.

06. Ribs (Ribs)


Beef ribs and pork ribs are even one quarter pound (about 113 g) and 288 kcal even before barbecue sauce is applied,ArteriosclerosisIt can causeSaturated fatty acidThere is plenty of it. If ribs are to be made at home, never use barbecue sauce with spicy fish such as mustard, garlic or chili sauce. It adds a good calorie and a good fragrance and umami.

07. Daikiri


DaikiriSpeaking of the word, there are many people who have the image "light and refreshing". But nutritionally, 8 ounces (about 227 g) of strawberry daiquiri is more caloric and more fat and sugar than double burger.

08. Macaroni potato salad


Mayonnaise deliciously making macaroni potato salad is the source of obesity. To make a healthy macaroni potato salad, use low-fat mayonnaise. Or oil such as olive oilUnsaturated fatty acidIt is to replace them.

09. Onion ring


"If onions you do not feel bad for your health" I think if you soak it in flour and eggs and thoroughly deeply, it will be a catastrophe. A much better idea is to cook onion rings with non-fried recipe. OK, you can bake egg whites, Parmesan cheese, flour, breadcrumbs, thin cooked onions, cook spray (cooking oil to prevent scorching) and bake for 15 minutes at 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). This should be crispy, healthy, very satisfied. You should never eat fried onion rings again.

10. Grilled corn

ByRobert Wallace

If you do not use butter and salt, grilled corn is rich in dietary fiber and low calorie food. When putting in a salad, use salsa sauce or just bake it. Frying with butter is strictly prohibited. Corn as deep yellow as thingsVitamin AThere is abundance.

Every 10 items listed in the worst thing are high calorie high fat, all the ingredients that seems better to avoid even in the summer. Besides, seven items listed as the best things are all like summer, so it seems that they are said to be the perfect food for the coming season.

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