Five minds to not eat doka during New Year's holidays (aka Brent)

Events such as Christmas and New Year's holidays, year-end party and New Year's party are overwhelmingly pushing through the year-end and New Year holidays, the opportunity to eat the feast should be much more than usual. Five essential minds were introduced to over-eat in those seasons and not to regret later.

However, when only one person drinks and eats at a special event place, the stress accumulates, so it seems like a trick to get over the year-end and new year to tighten the place to be tight while allowing the reward to moderately to yourself .

The five minds to prevent meat from eating are from the following.Healthy Eating During the Holidays: Yes, It Can Be Done! - by Dumb Little Man

1: Do not aim for perfection

First of all, please start off with the ideal. It is easy to endure the temptation of New Year's holidays such as parties, such as "I definitely do not eat feast at this year-end and New Year holidays, make a healthy dietary life and weight loss perfect", etc. However, It is a very difficult technique. Also, if the ideal is too high, it is dangerous because it is hopelessly desperate about drinking one cup of wine and being caught up with the wrong belief that all of the previous diets have ended in vain.

Instead of aiming for perfection, it is just as good if you aim for 80% achievement rate. For example, it would be nice to have breakfast and lunch as a healthy menu and dinner as a little lavishly trying to eat desserts, so that you can adjust the scores in the eating habits of the day.

2: Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

If you make the most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables, you can spend year-end and new year healthily.

In cold winter the warm vegetable soup will warm your body and it is also good to eat oranges with cutlets and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, so we correct the diet that tends to be biased toward the year-end and New Year holidays where especially the feast is continued.

3: Can not be subjected to seasonal limited items

If you see sweets and cakes, etc, that are named after Christmas at your shop, you may want to take them to hands, but until the Christmas day that product is sold a lot, and when that is over it is next time for New Year's Day Things should be sold well.

If we buy a lot of seasonal items, we will eat the sweets with something reasons before entering the day of the event. As guards for snacks and snacks tend to be sweet at home, if you do luxury you may want to make it a place of hare, such as eating out and parties.

4: Healthy things to take to take party

At the Christmas time, I think that there is a party to bring cooking with everyone. As a staple of Christmas, you will come up with plenty of fresh cream cakes and fried chicken, but the fact that it is standard is supposed to be highly likely to be brought by other people. If you bring a salad or a grilled vegetable assortment etc, it will be a good rest and may be considered a good person.

If you are in charge of dessert, fruit salad and baked apples are recommended. However, if you want to eat cake for Christmas, try looking for a low-calorie recipe.

5: I'm not going to a party with my stomach coughing

If you go to a party with hunger, your drinking will be fast as well, and you can eat lots of sugar with plenty of sugar in addition to a large amount of fat and salt-intensive meals.

You can understand the feelings you want to eat lots of stuff, but then obviously you will have too much calories. It is a good way to eat a low-calorie snack such as whole grain bread in advance. When going to the party venue as it is from the place, things that can be carried such as a granola bar are convenient.

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